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Things You Should Know before Gaining Admission Into English & Literary Studies In IMSU



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Things You Should Know before Gaining Admission Into English & Literary Studies In IMSU

Hi everyone, do you wish to study in English and Literary Studies, Imo State University? Then this article is directed to you because it will tell you Things You Should Know before Gaining Admission Into English & Literary Studies in IMSU.

Don’t worry, every word would be in simple grammar for easy understanding.

If you had in mind that when you get admitted into English and literary studies, you will relax since you have gotten your dream course, well, sorry to say, you are in for a very big surprise.

I was a student of English and Literary Studies, IMSU and I came out with a 2nd Class Upper-division. Do you wish to come out with such flying colors? Then you should pay attention to this article and read carefully.

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From my observation throughout my schoolings in Imo State University, I noticed that ones it comes to reading, English and Literary students are among those topping the chart.

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So as an aspirant, you had better ready to step up your game in reading. You have to be vast. When I mention being vast, I mean you have to read books that are relating to your course even though you are not told to read them. I will tell you why in the article.

As a student, we were given over 50 books (Prose, Drama, and Poems) to read per semester, this goes to tell you how reading was vital to us because we had to cover every book before the semester.
Below are what you should Know before gaining admission into English and Literary Department, IMSU.

Below are Things You Should Know before Gaining Admission Into English & Literary Studies.

  1. You Should Learn How To Read

If there is anything you need to learn how to do before gaining admission into English and Literary Studies is reading.

If after you left you secondary school and reading is not one of your things, then I advise you to start learning how to read because the road is not smooth as you may have viewed it.

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When I got admitted to the department, I was really happy and I relaxed, thinking all is over. I became very serious in my studies after my Year 1 (100 Level) grade. It was very poor that I started thinking of dropping out.

I met senior colleagues to know how poor my grades are, they told me it was poor but if I become serious with my studies, I could be a 2nd Class upper graduate. This made me step up my reading life and became more serious in my studies.

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  1. The Lecturers act strictly to make you learn

English and literary studies lecturers are highly informed and focused. They have the mindset of making all their students learn.

English department has four professors, and many other lecturers with Doctoral level of education. They are highly intelligent therefore, you have to impress them with your reading and writing prowess.

Think outside the box and don’t give them exactly what they have given to you. They appreciate the uniqueness and if you give it to them, you will be elevated.

The lecturers are not always strict though, they are always happy to help students whenever the students don’t understand a particular explanation. I had many occasions of meeting them when I didn’t understand a particular course.

  1. The Present Head of Department is ever ready to help and guide students
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Many students fear approaching lecturers when they need some explanation or advice.

As a student, you should learn to approach your lecturers when you are in a confused state.

The current H.O.D of English and Literary Studies, Dr. Oyeama Christabel is not just a Lecturer but a mother with a heart of gold. She will surely help you if you have a serious situation that needs advice from a professional.

  1. Make friends with the Intelligent ones

As I have earlier stated, for you to come out with flying colors in English and Literary Studies at Imo State University, you have to read extensively.

I’d advise that you make friends with the Intelligent students who would motivate you to read.

When I was still in the department, my 1st Year result was very bad, I had to buckle up and make friends with the serious students. Whenever I see them going to read after the lectures, I would be always glad to join them because I know I must gain something from them.

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