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Things you will Experience as a Student of Imo State University, Owerri, (IMSU)



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Things you will Experience as a Student at Imo State University…

Imo State University is one of the top notched and most sought after schools in Nigeria. The school has qualified lecturers who are willing to impact positively on the students.

One good thing about the University is that you must learn. This goes to say that, whether you decide to learn or not, IMSU lecturers are always there to strictly support you in your studies.

Other schools in Nigeria know Imo State University as a hub of entertainment for students because there, you will find so many entertaining activities like pageantries, Student pool parties, and Awareness being done every Wednesday and other entertaining activities.

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Others know Imo State University as a fashion school. IMSU is a school that students oppress other students with their dressings.

You might wear your finest dress just so you could impress your friends and course mates only to be embarrassed by your dressing because merely looking at other student’s dresses may humble you.

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If you are interested in going to Imo State University, these are a few things that you must experience in the school.

Things you will Experience as a Student at Imo State University

Below are things you may experience in IMSU while studying there.

1. The Beauty of IMSU

As earlier stated, IMSU is among the best State University in Nigeria. Of recent, the management of the school has equipped its infrastructures and erected nice solid structures, for example, the Education, Humanities, Law, and Social Science faculty.

IMSU faculty of social science

IMSU faculty of social science


IMSU faculty of education

IMSU faculty of education

IMSU faculty of humanities

IMSU faculty of humanities

IMSU love garden

The school also has a beautiful garden called “the love garden.” Love garden is a place where students take their rest after a hectic day in classes or when they are tired. In the love garden, there is a fast-food called “Rennys.”

Rennys In Love Garden, IMSU

Rennys are surely making it big at their spot because students are always there. Some Students also see Rennys as a photo spot because of the beautiful surrounding.

imsu love garden

Overview of Renys and IMSU Love Garden

2. IMSU is a Fashion School

Imo State University is a hub for fashion as many students tried to level up with the latest dressing fashions.

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If you are not a serious student, you may lose focus as to why you are in the school in the first place.

IMSU is a place where everyone wants to look good and blow the minds of others with their dressing.

If you are a fashionista, and you want the latest trends in fashion dresses, I recommend you visit IMSU and observe, then select the style you want. (Thank me later).

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3. IMSU is a center of Entertainment

I recently partook in hosting a pageantry event in IMSU and guess what? during the event of the pageantry, there were over three (3) pageantry events happening that same day, all at once.

There you will see musicians, Comedians, and dancers who wish to display their talents at every slightest opportunity they get.

The school gave birth to the likes of X-Busta, IMSU Sarkodie, Klint da drunk, etc.

4. There are lots of Intelligent Students in IMSU

The fact that the students in the school love fashion or entertainment, most of them also love reading.

You may see someone who loves fashion, entertainment, jokes, etc, but what you may not know is that, that that person you think love fashion and may not be serious with his studies has a CGPA of 4.9.

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5. Not coming to lectures has serious consequences

This is what they won’t tell you as a student of Imo State University. As a student, if you find it hard to come to lectures, then you are really putting yourself in trouble.

Lecturers in IMSU usually take attendance which they treat and award seriously. If you are a type of student who doesn’t come to lectures, then you are preparing to fail in your exams because the lecturers also take attendance in class as “Continuous Assessment.”

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