7 Popular department in Imo State University (IMSU)

7 Popular department in Imo State University (IMSU)

7 Popular department in Imo State University (IMSU)

Imo State University (IMSU) is a University that offers all kinds of courses and is being thought by qualified lecturers. All disciplines are very important and unique in IMSU but due to some reasons, some departments are more popular than others. Are you an aspirant who might have been wondering or making researches to know if your department is a hot cake and among the most popular departments in IMSU? Then this article is for you to see if your department is among the 7 Popular departments at Imo State University (IMSU). Continue reading to know..

7 Popular department in Imo State University (IMSU)

Below are the most popular departments in IMSU.

  1. LAW Department/Faculty

In Imo State University, Law Department is not under any faculty. It is a faculty on its own.

It is the most popular department in IMSU. The department is so popular that you may start thinking the school was established for them. They have their private huge 2 storey building, a massive hall, a private library, etc.

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They are always on cooperate white and black and the student of the department carries themselves in high esteem as though their dads owns the school.

  1. Medicine and Surgery Department

They are the most respected and straight forward department in IMSU. Before you can secure an admission in the department, you have to score 85 percent in the school post UTME and 250 or above in JAMB examination.

Just like Law, they also dress cooperate but in White and blue. Unlike Law students, they are well composed and respectful.

  1. Economics Department

Economics in IMSU is one of the most sought after department In the school under the faculty of social science.

Before you gain admission into the department, you have to be well connected or your grade must be very high.

As of 2 years ago, the department of Economics cut-off mark was 270 making it the department with the highest cut-off mark in IMSU.

Most of their students are very intelligent and smart.

  1. Mass Communication

After 70 percent of Nigerian students graduates from school, their first-course option is Law, then followed by Mass communication, when they can’t get it, they move to other courses.

Mass communication in Imo State University is very popular and also well-respected in the Institution.

The students have their special days of wearing cooperate dressing and they are also intelligent.

  1. English and Literary Studies

You can’t be in a department where professor Isidor, Dr. Oyeama, Barr. Enesha, is and still be in the shadow.

English and literary studies, under the Faculty of Humanities, is known also to be one of the most sought after department in Imo State University.

The department students read a lot and in fact, according to statistics from a reliable source, they are the most read department in art courses.

I carried out a little research by asking some questions to students who after reading “English and Literary Studies” proceeded to take a second degree in “LAW” that, “Which department is harder” and “Which of them reads more” their answers were straight forward, “English and Literary Studies.”

  1. Optometry department

Optometry Department is also a well-known department in Imsu and is very popular.

Just like Medicine and surgery, you have to secure a high score in Jamb and Utme result before you can secure admission into the department.

Also, just like Medicine and Surgery, if you fail a course, you will have to change your department to the department of Med-lab or other related courses. They don’t condole an “F” in their result so they read hard to pass.

  1. History and International Studies

This department is well known at Imo State University (IMSU) due to the population of the department.

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They have a massive population and sometimes, I wonder how they could stay in a single hall to listen to a lecturer comfortably without disturbance.

Their 100 level population as of 2018 was over 400 students making it one of the largest 100 level populations in IMSU.

Also, the students are very outspoken and air their views on matters that concern histories, local and international politics.

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