How to Pass Imo State University (IMSU) Post UTME Exam with ease

How to Pass your Imo State University (IMSU) Post UTME with Exam ease

How To Pass Your Post-UTME Exam in IMSU.

Do you wish to excel in your Post UTME Exam in IMSU? Then keep reading to know how to pass the Post-UTME Exam in IMSU with ease.

Hey guys, hope you had a good time? Well, today’s topic may interest you cause this is what you have been waiting for.

As a prospective candidate of Imo State University, Owerri (IMSU), the big question remains; if Post-UTME begins right now, how prepared are you? Are you ready to chew the exam question like biscuit bone or you are ready to chew your pen in the exam hall?

That decision is yours to take!!

IMSU question is known for its complexity. It goes to say that, IMSU Post UTME exams are tough and if you are not prepared before entering the hall, you might as well use your exam sheet to wipe your tears right there in the exam hall.

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Hey!!! I know you are scared by now, but “there is nothing in the world that can’t be handled.” If you know the quoted sentence, you are 40% closer to your success in the exam.

My Little Experience Writing Post UTME Examination

Well, to spice up your mood, I’d brief you on my experience writing Post-UTME in IMSU.

At least, you can get one or two points from there.

Before going into the exam hall, I was scared because I thought I wasn’t going to scale through my Post-UTME. Already, I was devastated with my JAMB score because I was not up to my expectations.

I was petrified, but I wasn’t discouraged.
I decided to follow a few steps (which I shall reveal to you below) to pass my post UTME.

Guess what? I was one of the prospective students with the highest grade when the result showed up.

I didn’t engage in exam malpractice, neither did I pay for exam runs. It was God, and the few steps I took that helped me.

The big question Is, what did I do to pass my exams in flying colours? What is the secret? Do you want to know? Then keep reading.

You might have known these secrets because it is an open secret, but trust me, it never gets old. The truth always stands, no matter how you try to switch the narrative.

How To Pass Your Post-UTME in IMSU

Below are steps on How To Pass Your Post-UTME in IMSU. follow these steps and smile later.

1. Have the Zeal To Read Your Books

Oops, sorry if I disappointed you for saying the popular say ‘Read Your Books.’
Were you thinking I was going to skip that? Hell No!!

Well, I’d love to let you know that you can’t come out In flying colours if you are not a fan of books.

Learn always to want to read something.
Have this burning passion for reading relevant books. It helps.

Be addicted to books. When you are addicted to books, you will surely cover all syllabus for Post–UTME.

2. Read Post UTME Past Questions

If you go to IMSU Front gate, you will see over 20 traders selling the school post utme past questions paper. Hey, walk straight into any of their shop and purchase one.

Post UTME passed question truly helped in my exams. I covered the book over five times and yearning to cover it again until the exam had to cut short my plans.

Let me tell you this little secret. At least 35% of IMSU exam questions come from pass questions. What am I saying in essence? I mean pass questions on IMSU have been repeated word to word if you are lucky to do your assignment well, congrats then.

While I was writing my post UTME exams, I came across many questions I read in the school past questions.

3. Join A Reading Group With Fellow Prospective Candidate

Before the exam, I joined a Reading group and was one of the best decision I ever took for that exam.

How we did our reading was easy. We give ourselves two chapters of text books to read.

The next day, the five (5) of us would gather ourselves and ask ourselves questions.

It helped in keeping our brain very active.

Before you go into that exam hall, it is not too late to join a serious reading group. You will learn a lot from there.

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4. Register for a Tutorial Classes

It is a very known method you could give a try. These tutorial teachers are knowledgeable.

Reason to register for a tutorial class

  • These tutorial masters help you go through the past questions and even explain to you some things that are not in the past questions.
  • Also, they teach you how to solve long calculation in just a few minutes
  • They give an in-depth explanation so that you could understand a particular topic

5. Show Up Early At The Exam’s Venue

If the exam starts at 8 A.M make sure you are in the school at 7 A.M, one hour before the exam begins.

Be prepared and up to date. Some people who are not serious comes one minute before the exam. It isn’t very good.

If you come one minute before or after the exam starts, how do you think you can write that exam with a calm mind?

So make sure you come early, to the exam hall to avoid had I know.

Summary to the topic ‘How To Pass Your Post-UTME in IMSU”

Reading alone isn’t enough. You have to torch other aspects to attain much success.

  1. For the past questions, you have to know the methods and settings on how IMSU sets their questions. Don’t be too over-excited not to get a copy of the past questions at least.
  2. No man is Iceland on his own. Mingle with other prospective candidates in your like to learn more. No matter how knowledgeable you are, you could still know one or two from others.
  3. Don’t feel so proud of yourself that you can’t allow other people to lecture you because of how ready you think you are for the exam. Try and register a tutorial class; trust me, these tutorial classes have lots of packages you are yet to receive.


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