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Influence Of Local Politics On The Administration Of Secondary Schools In Owerri North Local Government




This study sought to examined the influence of local politics on the administration of secondary school in Owerri North, Imo State. The design of the study was a survey research design. Four research questions were generated to guide the study. The population of the study 1210 made up of teachers and principals. A random sampling technique was used to select the sample. The sample for the study was 330 respondents made up of teachers and principals. Questionnaire was used for data collection. Simple percentage was used to answer the research question. Some findings of the study includes the fact that preferential treatment to some students, impartiality in the transfer of teachers, irregularity in posting and promotions of principal is a nature of local politics seen in secondary school administration. Influence of local politics in the administration of secondary school include the fact that provision of infrastructures and equipment involves the local people, local politics is paramount in the supply of personnels to schools which leads to low academic standard. Among the recommendation includes the fact that there should be elimination of local politics should be played with caution in the appointment of principal.



In this chapter, the researcher discusses the background of the study, statement of the problem, scope of the study, significance of the study as well as the research questions.

Background to the Study

One of the fundamental objectives of education in Nigeria is the training of young people to acquire knowledge and skills to live meaningful life and become useful to the society. Education is the instrument par excellence and the means of developing human intellect, technical skills, character and effective citizenship for self reliance and national development (Ayeni, 2012). There is therefore no meaningful socio-economic development that can take place in a nation without the right and appropriate type of education because education develops human potentials of a person to enable him make informed choices and enjoy a high standard of living (Izuagba, 2012)

The school remains a veritable platform to realize the objectives of the educational policies of a given nation. Secondary school education therefore, is the form of education children receive after primary education and before the tertiary stage (NPE 2001: 16). The opening of the C.M.S. Church Missionary Grammar School Lagos in 1859 marked the beginning of secondary school education in Nigeria which was founded by Nigerian clergyman trained in England, Reverend T.B. Macaulay.

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Administration has been defined in diverse ways. According to Peretomode (2010), Administration is the systematic arrangement of human and material resources and programmes that are available for education and carefully using them systematically within defined goals. Also, administration is concerned the bringing together of both human and material resources for effective teaching and learning in schools focusing on procuring resources, articulated fragmented human efforts, optimizing and maximizing performance for the purpose of achieving educational goals (NTE, 2005). The importance of administration therefore lies in the effective utilization of material and non-material resources to achieve predetermined goal. However, the ugly development that has left much to be desired of our educational system is traceable to the product of local politics in our educational system.

Local politics are adjudged politics at the grassroots and is simply a system of sheer interest where everyone is concerned with immediate self and environment. It is politics of ordinary people who decide to help to make decision about local services. The role of local politics in the administration of secondary schools is shared from top governmental functionaries to the common man in the street and everyone wants to have an overriding interest in the administration of secondary schools in the areas of funding, staff personnel, administration, provision of basic infrastructure/equipment and school community relationship.

Local interference in school administration has a large influence in the administration of secondary school. It is observed in the areas of employment within educational sector, local politics determines who is to be taken and who is not to be taken. Eze (2012) observed in the distribution of infrastructural facilities to schools the issue of local politics is paramount, in transfer of teachers/principals is alarming to the extent one is made to stay in the urban area if he/she has a godfather. Also because of local politics, at times those who are not qualified are given teaching jobs because their relation is the chairman of the local government area, minister or director of secondary education management board. Autonomous communities are in conflict when government intends to site a school to a community because every community wants it in their place even when they know their place may not be the best place but to ensure it does not loose such projects thereby causing bickering and rancour among autonomous communities.

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Therefore, this study intends to determine the influence of local politics in the administration of secondary school in Owerri-North.

Statement of the Problem

Local politics can be a vital factor that influences the administration of secondary schools in various situations. Since local politics has taken over the control and administration of secondary any schools societal issues, political issues and environmental influences on the administration of secondary schools has come to the fore. Secondary school has a link with the society hence every segment of society tries to interfere with administration of secondary schools to suit their roles in the society. Cases abound in school where local polities influences the school administration and this is common among the people of Owerri north in the areas of provision of basic infrastructural equipment, staff management, siting of schools and school community relation. In the society it seems that the administration of secondary schools is fertile ground for politicking and local politicians local polices influence the administration of school education while the principals, teachers school board members etc obeys them to a fault. This service attitude makes it impossible for principals and teachers to stand their ground to make demands.

Scope of the Study

The study is limited to Owerri-North in Imo State. In terms of content and scope the study is limited to perceive the influence of local politics in the administration of secondary schools which includes staff personnel, provision of basic facilities, citing of secondary schools and school community relationship.

Purpose of the Study

The main purpose of the study is the influence of local politics in the administration of secondary schools in Owerri North. Specifically the study sought to:

  1. Identify the nature of local politics played in the administration of secondary schools.
  2. How has local politics influence the running of schools in Owerri North.
  3. People involved in local politics in school administration
  4. Find out the problem caused by local politics in the administration of secondary schools.
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Significance of the Study

The study is significance in a number of ways. The study is of great relevant to the Ministry of Education, Parents teachers association, public schools, and communities.

The benefit of this study will provide platforms for Ministry of Education in the implementation of act and decrees in Educational Zones where problems ranging from educational malpractices, inequality in promotions of staff to government interference will be used to checkmate the proper administration of schools.

The result will provide vital information to the parent teachers association on how local politics influences secondary school administration and help them design coping strategies that will help the school progress smoothly.

The result will reveal to the community the negative or positive influence of local politics in the administration of secondary school in their area so that the community will take into consideration the local politics that affects the school negatively and find means of reducing the negative influence and at the same time help to promote the positive influence.

In addition, strict adherence in suggestions and recommendations that are made in this work will restore moral integrity when is now going down in Owerri North schools and the society at large.

The result of this study will also bring to fore more light on the scope of educational administration as well as serve as reference materials for future researchers who tend to carry research on related topic.

Research Questions

In order to meet the objectives of this study the following research questions were posed to guide the study

  1. What is the nature of local politics in secondary school administration
  2. How has local politics influence the running of schools in Owerri North.
  3. Who are the people involved in local politics in school administration
  4. What are the problems caused by local politics in the administration of secondary schools.

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