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The Impact Of Education In The Promotion Of Human Rights In Obowo Local Government Area Of Imo State




This study investigated the impact of education in the promotion of human rights in Obowo Local Government Area of Imo State. In carrying out this research, the study had four objectives from which four research questions were formulated. Data were collected and analyzed through the questionnaire. The population of this study consist of all the 19 villages but the researcher reduced it by using 7 villages. The study employed the simple random sampling in selecting 540 respondents from the abovementioned population in Obowo Local Government Area. Average percentages and frequency tables were used for the analysis and presentation of data respectively. The findings indicates that education made tremendous impact on the individuals in Obowo to know their human rights, education is a relevant factor that promotes human right and development in the society; teaching people what to do and ways to follow them. Based on the above findings, the researcher recommends that; the education should be made widespread amongst the people of Obowo and Imo State at large, government should include human rights education as a course in school curriculum to be studied at all levels.



In this chapter, the researcher discusses the background of the study, statement of the problem, scope of the study, significance of the study as well as the research questions.

Background to the Study

Human beings all over the world are naturally endowed with fundamental rights which should not be denied or taking away from them. Meziobi (2015:150) in Uchenna and Njoku (2012:2) point out these rights are “perceived as basic, divine, natural and fundamental to the very existence of man in a civilized society and therefore are inalienable, and human beings cannot be deprived of them neither would they be subjected to reckless abuses of infringement.

Ahuruibe (2014) also observed that human rights represents demand or claims made by individuals or groups on the society, some of which are protected by law and become part of human endeavour while other laws remain aspirations to be attained in the future.

He further pointed out that human rights is so valued by individuals or groups that one may like to be deprived of it without a great affront to justice which means injustice. Hence promotion of human right is very vital to the individual while denial of it will be frowned at by both individuals and groups of people in the society.

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Nigeria common country assessment  (2011) states that these rights are generally grouped under two sub-headings namely the civil and political rights which include the rights to self determination, the right to life, freedom, slavery and force labour it stresses further that the 1999 constitution itself which was fashioned by the outgoing military administration with minimal public input places limits on the full enjoyment of civil and political right and renders economic, social and cultural rights non justifiable. (Nigeria common country assessment) (2011:25-41). This brings the analysis to the background situation of Nigeria economy, social and cultural rights as the case may be.

Economic, social and cultural rights are enshrined in chapter two of the federal government (2005) constitution on fundamental objectives and directive principles of state policy. This document declares that Nigeria shall be a state based on the principle of democracy and social justice (section 14(1) and enjoins all organs of government to conform to, observe and apply its provisions (section 13).

These provisions include managing the economy in such a way as to secure the maximum welfare, freedom and happiness of every citizen on the basis of social justice and equality of status and adequate shelter, suitable and adequate food, reasonable national minimum living wage, old age care and pensions and employment, sick benefits, and welfare of the disable (section 16(2) (d).

However, these rights and non-justifiable as section 6(b) (c) of the constitution prevents the court from looking into whether or not they have been implemented.

In discussing impact of education in the promotion of human rights in Obowo Local Government, it is necessary that the concept of education be discussed because what education is taken to be determines whether it is actually promoting human rights or violating it. Njuku (2014) observed that whatever achievement any community makes is usually attributed to her industry and intellectual attainment. Education therefore becomes one of the most powerful instruments man acquires for his own improvement. Upon this statement, this research is poised to survey the impact of education in the promotion of human rights in Imo State. Article B (i) of the International Convent on economic, social and cultural rights (ICESCR) recognizes “the right of everyone to education, article 13(2) (a) further states that primary education shall be compulsory and free to all.” This principle has been carried over into other human rights instruments, such as the civil rights organization (CRO).

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However, the constitution only enjoins government to provide free, compulsory and universal basic education as and when practicable, section 1 & (3) (a). Moreover, girls continue to suffer the gender bias in terms of access to education and is worse in the rural areas than the urban areas. In this situation, the question is whether actually education is sufficiently promoting human rights, if not, what are the factors underlying these rights in the society?

Therefore, education should be seen as that instrument which help people to effectively function in the socio-economic and political framework of the country as well as to acquire the skills to enable them function effectively in the society in which they belong. It also emphasize social responsibility, job orientation, political participation, spiritual and moral value. It also help to solve problems that both society use in presentation and above all, it is seen as the greatest instrument which help people to observe their rights as a citizen in the state.

Statement of the Problem

In general, the greatest aim in education should be to develop fully, the individual potentialities of every child in accordance with the law of God and hence to the general good of the community.  Ezegbe (2009) point out these rights has been violated by both those in authority and other members of the civil society. There have been several cases where the police custody. There have also been several cases of child abuse in such as child labour, rape, child abandonment and physical abuse. It is also very astonishing that domestic slavery is still going on in the state in this 21st century and this also constitutes a flagrant violation of right dignity of human persons.

There have also been violations of people’s life and security in the state. People are no longer secured over their lives due to the bad desperados in the state.

Emenyonu (2012) further stressed why people allow these rights to be violated, its because they are not aware of their rights. Man can only run of this, only if he is properly educated and informed. Because to be uninformed is to be deformed. Obasi (2014) opined that people are not properly informed of their rights because they are not given wide spread education and literacy so as to seek for redress when their rights are abused.

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Scope of the Study

For the purpose of this study, the researchers delimited their work within Obowo Local Government Area of Imo State. Some communities will be randomly selected. Out of the nineteen (19) communities in Obowo Local Government Area, the researchers used in (9) for the study.

Purpose of the Study

The general aim of this study is to investigate the impact of education in the promotion of human rights in Obowo Local Government Area of Imo State.

The purpose of the study includes:

  • To find out if education of the individual in Obowo Local Government enable him to know one’s human
  • To examine the extent the people of Obowo react when one’s human rights are abused.
  • To ascertain if one’s education enable one to defend his human rights when they are abused in Obowo

Significance of the Study

The study would help the people of Obowo and Imo State at large to appreciate the impact education will play in the promotion of human rights.

The study would also help to enlighten the communities, organizations and ethnic group on the need for human right. By the end of this study, it should help to correct the impression on the role of education as the right instrument for the promotion of human right. This study will also go a long way in showing education as industry, which is the foundation for nation building or development. Finally, the study will play a vital role in preparing manpower for various assignments especially

in shaping the consciousness of man and helping him to know his rights as a citizen of a state where he belongs.

Research Questions

  • Does the education of the individual in Obowo enable him to know one’s human rights?
  • How do people in Obowo react when one’s human rights are abused?
  • Does one’s education enable him to defend his human rights when they are abused?

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