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Impact Of Teacher-Student Relationship On Academic Achievement Of Biology Students In Secondary Schools In Ikeduru Local Government Area




This study was a survey research design carried out to investigate the impact of teacher-student relationship on the academic achievement of biology students in secondary schools in Ikeduru Local Government Area. The study specifically sought to examine the extent to which biology teachers motivates students learning. The study involved a sample of 14 teachers and 514 students, the total of 528 chosen from a population size of l,140.The instrument for data collection was the researcher self constructed rating scale. The data were analyzed using frequency distribution and mean score with a decision mean point of 2.5 mean score. The result signified that there is significant difference in the relationship/behavior displayed by biology teachers in classroom and also there are significant differences in the relationship behavior displayed by male and female biology teachers based on the findings. Finally, based on aforementioned problems suggestion and recommendations were offered so as to overcome the problems.



In this chapter, the researcher discusses the background of the study, statement of the problem, scope of the study, significance of the study as well as the research questions.

Background to the Study

Education is highly rated public venture, used as an instrument for excellence in natural development. Students engage in many important social contexts, such relationship include those with peers and with teachers. Studies indicate that those relationship influence achievement with various schools domains  including   social  academic and behavioural arenas (Graziano, 2001), argues that one of the   most   important indicators of students success in school in his / her ability to learn, process and retain information thought. Education is a process of receiving or giving systematic instruction especially at school or university level. According to Fafunwa (2007), education is an aggregate of all the process by means behavior of positive value in the society in which he lives. According to Igbo (2006) education is the process by which society deliberately transmit it’s cultural heritage through instructions such as school, college and University.

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A large number of research studies demonstrated that teachers can motivate their student to perform well in the classroom, if they take time to build relationship and interact with the student. Based on using education for the realization of the national objectives, various other achievement are expected from education standard or behavior and such aims are as follows: better human relationship, self realization, individual and national unity (FGN 2004). According to Olumba (2013) these aims can never be actualized if there are poor relationship existing between the teacher and the student. Bringing these aims to reality depends on the orientation of teachers-students in the educational system because good education requires friend and committed teachers, who will carry the student along with them to achieve the educational goals. Therefore promoting relationship between teacher and student the teacher, must be determined to use the best effective conducive learning experiences that will utilize the content associated with each objectives. Otherwise, there is no sound hope for the learning experience / educational aims and goals to be achieved.

This study therefore seeks to examine the impact of relationship on the academic achievement of biology students. Therefore seeking teachers perception as well as student perception about relationship between teachers and student, how does it affect the academic performance of the student will be explored.

Statement of the Problem

It is widely accepted that teachers can make or break a student ability to enjoy a subject like biology and to achieve academic success, this should be taken seriously. It is also said that teachers help student believe that they can succeed. Teacher needs to apply positive reinforcement through interactions and relationship, they build with students so that they can influence the students to set high goals and help them achieve these goals, while negative reinforcement can break the student and demoralize them.

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It is unfortunate that good number of student have last venture of good behavior since there teachers no longer show care, concern, love and affection. Insight of the above problems, the researchers therefore intend to carry out this study in other to emerge with some empirical data relationship. The researchers aimed at looking into the teacher-student relationship and how it has contributed to the non-effective academic achievement of biology student in Ikeduru local government area, and at the end provide or suggest possible solutions for effective teaching and learning of biology.

Scope of the Study

The research study is limited to secondary schools in Ikeduru in Imo State of Nigeria. The study could not be able to cover the entire state due to time factor. The study is also limited to biology subject it covered the S.S.I and S.S.2 of the Senior Secondary Schools. And the study will cover the biology teachers of the Secondary Schools and their students.

Purpose of the Study

The main purpose of this study is to find out the influence of teacher-student on academic achievement of biology student in Ikeduru Local Government Area. The study will try to find out:

  • The relationship and behavior displayed by biology teachers in classroom,
  • Find out if there is any difference between the relationship displayed by male and female biology teachers,

(iii)  To examine the extent to which biology teacher motivate student learning.

Significance of the Study

This research study is being carried out to investigate and provide evidence on the impact of teacher – student relationship on academic achievement on biology student in the secondary school;

This study is expected to help the biology teachers in improving teaching and learning situation in secondary schools as to acquire more knowledge which change the academic achievement from negative to positive based on the improvement in their relationship. It is also hoped to make teaching and learning interesting in the class as the teacher motivated to be creative.

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In addition the survey would help the school administrators and the policy makers to improve their services to the schools if the recommendations given by the researchers implemented. Moreover it will also help in understanding various problems affecting the teaching of biology so as to provide more insight on what to be done to enhance student motivation and make necessary corrections to improve academic achievement.

With these findings it will also extend existing literature on the topic and also provide a foundation for further research to intending researchers.

Research Questions

In this study, the impact of teacher student relationship on academic achievement of biology student will be studied in the following questions.

  1. What are the relationship and behaviours displayed by teachers in the classroom?
  2. What are the differences between the behaviours displayed by male and female biology teachers?
  3. What are the teaching skills use to motivate the student.
  4. How does the biology teacher react towards student in the classroom when attention is needed?
  5. To what extent does student relationship with the biology teacher affect their performance in the subject?


In this research the following hypothesis will be tested.

  1. There are no significant differences in the relationship and behavior displayed by biology teachers in classroom.
  2. There are no significant different in behavior displayed by male and female biology teachers.
  3. There are significant differences in motivation displayed by the biology teachers in the classroom.

In this chapter, introduction and overview for the framework of this study were provided including my role in conducting this study. Also chapter one introduced the reader to the general background information with regard to the impact of teacher student relationship on academic achievements of biology student in senior secondary schools and the currents study including the frame work.

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