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Availability And Adequate Of Human Resource In Teaching And Learning Of Economics In Secondary Schools In Owerri Municipal Council Of Imo State




This study investigated the Availability and adequate of Human Resource in teaching and learning of economics in secondary schools in Owerri Municipal Council of Imo state. Four objectives and research question were formulated to guide the study. Various literature related to this topic was reviewed. Descriptive survey design was adopted for the study. The population of this study was drawn from 9 public secondary schools in Owerri Municipal Council of Imo state. The population shows that the female students were 1070 while male students were 900 in numbers, giving a total of 1970 students and 30 teachers in all while the sample size of the study were (163). The four point rating scale was used as instrument for the research. The findings revealed that some of the Human Resources (economics teachers, security staff, and secretariat staff) needed in the teaching and learning of economics were available while other Human Resource such as Career Guidance and Counselors cleaners and flower dressers were not available in secondary school in Owerri Municipal Council of Imo state. Inadequate Human Resource, especially economics teachers is one of the major problems in teaching of economics Based on the findings, the researcher recommended that; Government should ensure the availability of all the necessary Human Resource needed in the teaching and learning of economics in secondary schools in Owerri Municipal Council of Imo state. Inspectors from the ministry of education should extend their visit regularly to schools. Government and school authorities should ensure that only qualified and professional staff should be employed in all secondary schools in Owerri. From the findings of the study, it can be concluded that Availability and Adequacy of Human Resource have a great role to play in teaching and learning of economics in senior secondary schools in Owerri Municipal Council of Imo state.



Background Of The Study

Human resources in an Educational Environment refer to the teaching and non teaching staff required in the school setting towards achieving Educational goals and Objectives. They include the teachers, guidance councilors, bursars, and health personnel. For the effectiveness and efficiency of these human resources, they have to be properly managed. Importance of the human factor in economic development is certainly not a new idea.

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According to Schultz (2007), human resources are a form of capital a produce means of production and the product of Investment.  In the industrialized Nations, especially in the united state of America human resources constitute the major element in their matrix of strategies for National development in our environment the subject has only, recently received paper attention by policy makers.Harbison (2003) note that human resources are developed in many ways, the most obvious is through Formal Education beginning with first level of Education post-primary and post secondary Education. However, Ikpa and Nruankwo (2004) were of the view that human resources lie at the care of the Efficiency of any Organization. They posted that the Entire called administration may be define as getting things done through the effects of other people the extent to which then executive is able to manage his human resources determines to a large extent the degree of its organizational Efficiency . Consequently, it also affects the level of Effectiveness of the school.

Uwaezoke (2003) had long emphasized        on the importance of human resource in Educational development. Whether we see it as ‘’fixed capital ‘’ according to Adams smith or as a ‘’National investment’’ as Alfred Marshall,   describe it, the management of human resources in Nigeria could be traced back to the 1980’s during the period of regionalization of Education system. During that period, Teachers were satisfied with their job their reimbursement was enough to take care of themselves and they commanded a lot of respect in the society.

As time went on the supply of teachers increased them by bringing an Enid to the period of short supply of teachers in schools and many of privileges Earlier accorded to teachers as a result of their scarcity began to wake with this new development and subsequent Economic depression in the country teachers became frustrated and started losing interest in the teaching profession. It got to an alarming  rate ,when it was discovered   that only people who have no other thing to do take up the teaching  job. They stopped putting in their Best and of them combined teaching with other business service in order to make ends meets. All these have subsequently led to a sharp full in the standard of education.

Statement Of The Problem

In recent times, there has been hue and cry over the falling standard of education especially at the secondary school level where students are prepared for higher education. Public faith and trust in educational institutes are steadily being reduced, people now wonder if teaching and learning are still going on in schools.

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Secondary schools appear to proliferate in such a disorderly manner, Painlessness and lack of purposiveness (Udu Ocho & Okeke 2016) students now rely on cheating as the way out to success, while the teaching profession is now regarded as a stepping stone towards a better employment, students cultism is on the increase and West African Examination Council (WAEC) reports shows continuous poor performances of students.

Researchers have attributed this problem to various resources Ukeji (2011) opines that the rapid expansion in the school system and lack of adequate planning since the introduction of the universal primary education (UPE) in 1976 it has increased the demand for teachers. The unprecedented unanticipated jump in enrolment created a problem for the nation because it required the training of adequate manpower to able to cater for massive Enrolment.

Nevertheless Achunine (2011) maintains that the ever increasing student population of the secondary schools, the expanded curriculum of the junior and senior secondary school with the innovative vocational, commercial, technical and academic offerings has implications on the quality and quantity of staff. The demand for staff strength is tremendous, the volume of work in students’ guidance and counseling in the choice of appropriate subjects for future occupational career also increased. The achievements of broadened objectives and expanded curriculum of the secondary school rest squarely on the quality and quantity of available human resources in our educational system, the situation still remains a far cry.

In the light of the foregoing circumstance as they concern secondary schools, the problem of this study is delineated in the following questions, could the human resources available in secondary schools in, Owerri, municipal be determined?  If, yes,  are they available and adequate for teaching and learning.

Scope Of The Study

For the purpose of this study, human resources will be limited to only teachers and guidance counselors in secondary schools in Owerri Municipal.

  1. Content Scope

Students, performance are classified into cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains. For this study, the research is going to investigate only on availability and adequacy of human resources in the teaching and learning of economics in secondary schools in Owerri municipal council of Imo  state.

Purpose Of The Study

The purpose of this study is to determines, availability and adequacy of  human resources on the teaching and learning of economics in secondary schools in Owerri municipal

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Specifically, the following objectives are pursued;

  1. To ascertain the availability level of human resources for the teaching and learning of economics in secondary schools.
  2. To determine the adequacy of economics teachers in schools.
  3. To determine the adequacy level of guidance and counselors in schools.
  4. To ascertain the adequacy of supportive staff in schools.

Significance Of The Study

It is a fact that no nation can rise above the quality of its teachers the teachers teach the students and produce graduates who form the nations human resources. If there are no good human resources in schools, it will be difficult to have good graduates to assist the nation.

It is hoped that the result of this study would help the educational authorities to be conscious of the importance of human resources development and its influence on students. As it will help them to realize that no effort committed towards teachers’ education should be regarded as too much. The result of this study will also help them to advocate for allocation of increase fund towards the training of quality human resources in schools.

The result of this study will also be useful to teachers and other personal in the school system in becoming aware that their productivity is measured by the academic performance of the students they teach, this will lead to commitment and dedication towards the profession having realized that they are the nations builders.

Finally the result of this investigation will further arose research interest in other areas of educational resources and also serve as a research tool for further researchers on available human resources to achieve stated goals and objectives of the secondary school programme.

Research Questions

  1. What is the availability level of human resources for the teaching and learning of economics?
  2. What is the level of adequacy of economics teachers in secondary schools in Owerri municipal council?
  3. What is the adequacy of career guidance counselors in teaching and learning of economics in secondary schools?
  4. What is the level of adequacy of supportive staff (security staff, secretarial staff, cleaners and flower dressers?

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