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About Imo State University, Owerri Orientation Programme for Freshers



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About Imo State University, Owerri Orientation Programme for Freshers

Registration and Lectures

At the beginning of each session, precisely in the first week of the first semester, an orientation programme is organized for new students by the department of student affairs in co-operation with the various departments of the university.

It is mainly designed to acquaint the students with the university life, as well as, enable them settle down quickly in their new-found environment. Very important talks relevant to the student life in the university are given by both the academic and administrative stall of the university.

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Objectives of orientation programme

The orientation for new students therefore id to achieve the following objectives;

  1. Adjustment to physical environment to enable students operates at any frequency level in the university campus;
  2. Adjustment expectations of the students by the university articulated in self-discipline. Students. Students are expected to be integral parts of the city of the disciplined intellectuals; and
  3. Adjustment to listening to teachers, lecturers and administrators in order to benefit from the training and instructions of the university offers to the students.

It is, therefore, mandatory that all the new students must attend all the sessions of the orientation programme.

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To successfully complete the registration process, the student shall do the following

  1. Pays his/her fees
  2. Present his/her fee clearance at the relevant Faculty Officer and collect a set of registration materials;
  3. After registration, the student reports his/her Academic Adviser. The adviser shall map out the student’s programmer for the semester. The students then has to complete all the forms and present them to his/her Academic Adviser and HOD for their signatures; and
  4. Proceed to the Department of General Studies for assignment to his/her GST courses

Other Aspects of Registration

  • Checking of credentials

As part of the registration, students are required to report to the registrar at the time shown against their department and bring with them the originals of certificate/statements of results for inspection. A student will be asked to withdraw from the university if, at any time, it is discovered that his/her credentials do not meet the minimum entry requirements of the university.

  • Change of Degree Programme

No student who meets all university and departmental entry requirement will be allowed to change his/her program of study until he/she has completed a full session in the program  to which he/she was admitted. Any student who does not meet the special requirements of the discipline to which he/she has been admitted shall not normally have the option of changing to another discipline, but will be asked to withdraw. However, subject to the availability of space, such a student may be allowed to change to any other program within the college/faculty for which he meets the admission requirements

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  • Identity Cards

Registration is incomplete without identity cards. Arrangements are normally made by the students affairs Department and registry to produce laminated identity cards with photograph for all freshmen/women. Each matriculated he/she must ensure that he/she has an identity card the due University duly signed by the registry.

Students Personal Data Form

Each students on arrival and after first registration, is required to submit one signed passport and photograph and a file jacket to the Office of the Dean of student Affairs and to fill all necessary forms.

The students Affairs Department maintains a personal information data for every student. The form is obtainable from the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs.

On submission of a duly completed Personal Information Data Form, a file is opened for the student. All students are therefore enjoined to ensure that the said form is appropriately and duly completed, signed and returned to the office of the Dean of Student Affairs with a signed passport size photograph to be affixed at the place indicated on the form.

It is important to note that unless a student has a file in the Students Affairs Departments, he/she may not avail himself/herself of the services of the department, especially those of career and advisory services.

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Registration of Courses

Normal registration of courses for the first and second semesters shall start at the beginning of the first semester of the academic year and shall last for two weeks from the date the registration exercise begins.

Student shall be permitted late registration upon payment of late registration fee of an amount to be specified by the university form time to time

Students who have genuine reasons for late registration must inform the registrar in advance by writing, copying the Head of Department.

Adding/Dropping Courses

If it becomes necessary for a student to change any of the courses for which he has been registered, he shall obtain the add/delete form from his/her Department or Faculty Office for completion. Courses may be added or dropped, subject to approval of the lecturer, Academic Adviser, and Coordinator of the department. The last date for adding/deleting courses is 6 (six) weeks after the commencement of lectures for any semester.


Lectures are scheduled between 8.00am and 6.00pm except on Wednesday when lectures must end by 12 noon to allow students participate in approved extra-curricular activities  such as sports, fellowships, and cultural meetings.

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