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Graduate Job Opportunities for Library and Information Science Students in Nigeria



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Graduate Job Opportunities for Library and Information Science Students in Nigeria

Where can I be offered a job after studying Library and Information Science in the University? If knowing the graduate job opportunities for Library and Information Science Students in Nigeria is your concern at the moment, then this article is what you have been looking for so search no more as we have gathered all the available job placements for library and information science students in Nigeria.

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The following are the job placement opportunities:

  1. As Librarians in academic libraries; special/government libraries, as well as, the public and national library systems.
  2. As Librarians/Information officers in radio, television, newspaper houses (public and private) as well as other communication agencies (e.g. MTN, GLO etc.)
  3. As Librarian, Information officers and Business Consultants in large private sector/industrial organization, e.g. banks and other quoted companies;
  4. As private entrepreneurs (job-creators instead of job seekers) in printing, publishing and other aspects of the book trade;
  5. As Library Educators, especially for the academic and research-inclined young graduates.
  6. As public relation officers
  7. As media specialist in schools
  8. As managers in Organizations where order/classification is required e.g. supermarkets.
  9. As records managers in government archives and even churches.
  10. As cyber-café Managers.
  11. As civil servants/public administrators.
  12. As Freelance writers, journals and authors
  13. As editors and book reviewers
  14. As Abstractors, Biographers or Bibliographers.
  15. As Library Consultants and information Broker
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