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Updated Prices for IMSU Bursary Payments for Clearance; December 2020 Till Date



Updated Prices for IMSU Bursary Payments for Clearance; December 2020 Till Date

Updated Prices for IMSU Bursary Payments for Clearance; December 2020 Till Date

Hi, You want to make your Imo State University Bursary Payments and you don’t know the prices or cost, on this article we shall list out the updated bursary clearance payments also known as sundry payments and their prices.

What is bursary payment

Bursary payments are collection of compulsory/mandatory payments which every student of Imo State University is expected to pay. Some bursary payments are made in 100 level which is very necessary for first year faculty clearance at the faculty while most of the payments are made during a student final clearance after graduation to enable him or her enroll for NYSC program.

Where can I make my bursary payments

Initially, IMSU used Remita as a means receiving all bursary payments including school fees payment but currently IMSU uses Quickteller as a means of receiving all bursary payments and this method of payment is done online and also in banks.

All bursary payments can be made in banks and also at any business centers/café with the knowledge on how to go about the payment on Quickteller.

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List of bursary payments and prices

100 Level Payments

  1. Acceptance fee  71,000
  2. Matric Gown  3,500
  3. Sports  3,000
  4. File 3,000
  5. Medicals 3,500
  6. O’Level verification 2,000

Final year Payments

  1. Clearance form  1,900
  2. Binding  8,700
  3. Accreditation 5,900
  4. Verification  2000
  5. Statement of result  10,900
  6. Convocation  10,900
  7. Certificate 10,900


  1. Late payment of school fees 5,900
  2. Loss of receipt  1,900
  3. Spill Over fees  55,000
  4. School fees arrears 20,500
  5. Transcript application (Local)  16,000
  6. Transcript application (international) 21,000

Note; After paying any of the above, you are expected to be issued and invoice and a receipt of payment which you will then take to the bursary department for confirmation and signing at once

For any of the payments listed above

Please do good to patronize Divine Portal consult

Address; Imo State University, Owerri,

Helpline; 07062237559

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