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Influence Of Political Education In Consolidation Of Democratic Principles In Owerri Municipal Council Of Imo State




The study is on “Influence of Political Education in Consolidation of Democratic Principles in Owerri Municipal Council of Imo State”. The study has two objectives and four research questions. Descriptive Survey research design was used for the study. The sample size for the study was 1000 out 17,212 to population. The sample was obtained through simple random sampling technique. The data gathered were presented on tables and analyzed using simple percentage. The findings reveal that that there is an immense benefiting that people derived from political education in achieving their genuine objective irrespective of the problem associated with the electorate system. Without political education  our nation cannot make any headway in transforming to a stable society. Political education, whenever and however undertaken prepares the citizens of a country especially the young to carry out their roles as citizens. Based on the findings, study therefore recommends that early exposure of the children to political education, proper effort should be made to ensure that civic education is embedded in the cubiculum of children during early development. The school authorities in collaboration with the government should make it as a point of duty to organize from time political education seminars where the people should exchange ideas.



In this chapter the researcher presents the following: background of study, statement of problem, scope of the study, purpose of the study, significance of the study, and research questions and hypothesis.

Background to the study

Education conventionally has been known to be a viable tool for development in any society. It has a variety of definitions. It is defined differently by different scholars based on their different educational orientations and ideology. Political education is education in self-development or democratic self-government which means that citizens are activity involved in their own government. They do not passively accept the dictions of others.

Political education aims at producing Owerri municipal council of Imo State with the right type of values and orientation, attitudes and skills that will help attain national development including consolidation of democratic principles.

Political education promotes political participation inculcates democratic values, and acquaints the citizens with the “DEES” and “DON’TS” in electoral process. This goes with the saying that until Imo State her citizens and attitudes. Any other measure to achieving development and consolidation of democratic principles in her electoral process is bound not to last if it succeeds.

Political education is knowledge regarding politics. The right in political tenure has argue that the nature and logic of democracy needs a politically educated population, capable at the very least of differentiating between the policies of the main political parties with an understanding of how democratic institution works and their importance, one with knowledge of how to vote. It is develops further into a feeling the political apathy felt by many young  people, the perceived decline in the moral base of society or the  rebellious act shown in events over the last 30 years to poll face rioting in the 90s was born out of ignorance of political rights and responsibilities. That includes socialization which requires political knowledge.

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The two major surveys undertaken suggest that then is an evidence that political education, certainly as taught in formal classes has only limited effect in formal institutional knowledge.

Furthermore, development means a specified state of growth is a complex issues,  with many different and sometimes contentious definitions.

Development, therefore i.e empowerment. It is about local people taking control of their own lives, profaning their own solutions to problems. Political education enhances political development.

Then consolidation of democratic principles is concerned with sustenance of democracy edible electoral process is dependent on the consolidation or sustenance of dependent on the consolidation or sustenance of democratic principles. Sustainable electoral process critic principles. Sustainable electoral process i.e one they can stand a test of time.

Globalization has had significant and ambivalent effects on all developing countries Africa has more countries than any other continent that are high indebted, very poor and have civil unrest or war within their borders. This, Africa has greater human security concerns than any other continent.

Globalization ahs had predominantly negative effects in the economic values and positive effects in terms of the consolidation of democracy through the development of any society, both international and domestic while globalization has been economically disappointing, politically, its effects have been generally positive leading to a heightened awareness of issues around the world and action of those issues both domestically and internationally. Consolidation democracy means institutional innovations is empowering participatory governance.

The above assertion is shown on the fact that in Nigeria for instance, the lack of faith in electoral process by Nigerians and the international community’s put into question its democratic sustainability because of the numerous irregularities that have continued to mal electoral process in Nigeria since independence.

Many people have lost faith in it and this shown that Nigeria has sustained incredible electoral process. Although the electron of 1999 conducted by the then military regime of Gen. Ibrahim Babungida has acclaimed to be credible.

To a very reasonable extent, the deepening of democratic principles has been achieved in most Nigerian States such as Imo State. The outcome of the March 2015 Imo gubernatorial. Lection in which Owelle Rochas Okorocha and Emeka Ihedioha (now the incumbent governor while the former is the immediate pass governor) were the major contenders shows that the deepening  of democratic  principles have been achieved to an agreeable extent. However, democracy is consolidated when the masses are considered as the center of gravity of every political contest.

The levels of solving most, if not all of Nigerian problems is through the relevance of political education on sustainable electoral process.

Critics may argue the essence of political education on the development and  consolidation of democratic principles when hunger and starvation are plaguing Nigerians. It must be stated that the deepening of democratic principles via political education is one thing that will transport Nigerian society and body it into time light. This is the pinot spot of what showed be done to put Nigerians on the track in her course of development.

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This is because of the deepening of democratic principles in capable of precipitating a credible and sustainable electoral process and will produce constantly leaders who study have the mandate of the people and sensitive to the people’s light and needs.

Such leaders will know that given mandate of the people which can be changed or withdrawn from them in neat election if they cannot out deliver in their promises Nigeria in her search for the way to bring about this development and consolidation of democratic principles has recognized the vital place of political education towards achieving it and informed this study with the topic.

The importance of political education on the development and consolidation of democratic principles in Owerri Municipal council of Imo State.

The controversy surrounding the March 2015 Nigeria election review recommendation from local and international political analyst. Even several international communities expressed encomia in the election.

In the Imo March 2015 gubernatorial election political execution played active role and helped in the consolidation of democracy as it drastically reduced the high level of political apathy.

Statement of the problem

Events of the past showed that who hover around Nigerian politics lacks the basic knowledge required. In Nigeria, observation shows that many who have taken part in various electoral processes believed that voting for instance is not important while others who take part in election do it with the hope of filling their pockets  hence all sorts of electoral mal-practices continue to add momentum.

They see politics as an end in itself many others consider going, to the market, farm, meeting etc. more important than going to register for voting in other words, they exhibit high magnitude of political apathy which is as a result of insufficient political education capable of pushing for development and consolidation of democratic principles Nomination of candidates for various electoral positions shows that electoral process in Nigeria is not been followed in due process.

Scope Of The Study

The scope of the study which focuses on the importance of political education in the development and consolidation of democratic principles in Owerri Municipal council. The study will cover 7 different wards in Owerri Municipal council and it will be confined to the residents of the wards Aladinma I and II, Azuzu I and II and new Owerri I and II.

 Purpose of study

The purpose of the study is to determine the achievement of political education on the development and consolidation of democratic principles in order to solve the problems.

  • Specifically the study will sought the level of political education in terms of enlightenment of knowledge in Owerri Municipal.
  • To examine the influence of political education and development and consolidation of democratic principles in Owerri Municipal.

 Maintenance and durability: which assertion the extent political education could level to credible and consolidation of democratic principles in Nigerian educational process.

Communicational/Professional skills: Which are both vital and eventual in political education in Nigeria, because it is their field and area of specialization, they make the easy to communicate, guide and control the environment and at the same time pass/educate/train people in that same field of work.

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Significance of study

       The significance of the study will benefit

the electorates, the schools, communities, it students, PTAs  parents teachers’ association even in voters’ registration which make Nigerians see the importance and its benefits assessing party manifested of each party before voting and coming out on election day their number of votes and protect values.

Educating the masses on the danger of accepting money in order to vote in an election, because by accepting any kind of  gift (material/immaterial) is like selling one’s right and once it’s sold that person becomes enslaved. To educate and enlighten the masses is a great benefit which political education can give.

Proper and adequate training especially on the issues surrounding consolidating of democratic principles, polities, and government in non participation of citizens in election which has made the political system unhealthy and also made the people net to participate during votes registration, the lack of political education makes the election hot to be free and fair and candidates elected do not reflect the wishes of the people, because the people did not take active part in the voting and therefore nothing should be given to them.

Result of this work is equally important to contemporary political pundits as it will provide them sense of objectivity in their analysis of the psychology surrounding the pre and post, electioneering exercise.

This study if put in action will reawaken the need for political education. The result of this work is equally monumental and imperative to Nigerian government especially, the ministry of education to ensure that conscious efforts are made by various levels of government to see that political education is been taught in all levels of formal education and informally too.

On other major point that can benefit our Nation seriously is by the legislative organ bill into law mandating the teaching of political education as a compulsory of political education as a compulsory body will invariably and inadvertently reduce in excess and feelings of political apathy. It is also a contribution to literature for further reference to research in similar field.

Research Question

In this study the following research question will be posed to guide the study.

  1. What is the influence of political education on the development and consolidation of democratic principles in Owerri municipal council?
  2. To what extend can political education influence the people knowledge of their right and obligation?
  3. How has political education influenced the electorate?
  4. What is the influence of political education on political leaders?

Purpose of study

The purpose of the study is to determine the achievement of political education on the development and consolidation of democratic principles in order to solve the problems:

  • Specifically the study will sought the level of political education in terms of enlightenment of knowledge in Owerri Municipal.
  • To examine the influence of political education and development and consolidation of democratic principles in Owerri Municipal.

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