How much is IMSU acceptance fee and how to pay


How much is IMSU acceptance fee and how to pay

IMSU Acceptance fee payment is a compulsory payment for all newly admitted students.

When you are given admission, you are to pay acceptance fee first before paying for school fees and other auxiliary fees.

On this article you shall find out the current IMSU acceptance fee amount for both indigene and non-indigene and how to go about the payment.

IMSU acceptance fee amount is N70,000 only excluding bank charges and internet charges.

Bank charges shouldn’t exceed 2,500 naira. Altogether is N72,500 only.

Indegene and non-indegene pay same amount for acceptance fee but pay separate amount for school fees.

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how to pay for IMSU Acceptance fee

IMSU has made acceptance fee payment very easy by integrating the payment online. Unlike 4 years ago whereby all payment was made through the school bank. Then, making payment was very prolonged, tedious and very time consuming due to the crowd at the bank.

IMSU receives payment of acceptance fee through quickteller platform. On this note, all acceptance fee payments should be made online through quickteller platform.

One can also go to the school bank for payment.

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Note; Wherever you want to make payment for IMSU acceptance fee, be it in the bank or online, you will be asked to pay a service charge. The service charge ranges from 2000 to 2500 depending on where you are paying.

For your acceptance fee or other related IMSU payments, kindly visit Divine Portal Enterprise at IMSU extension for quick services.

Contact; 07062237559


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