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Collage: Creatively Recycling Discarded Paper As A Painting Medium In Owerri Municipal




Collage is an artistic process of recycling pieces and bits of discarded materials by cutting and sticking them with glue, to a surface called ground so as to create images to compose pictures. Having no proper means to recycle waste in Owerri municipal, discarded papers are not properly managed, it then becomes a problem when disposed locally, it pollutes and endangers the environment. Instead of paper been handled in such local manner it can be creatively recycled.  This research is a study on Collage as a medium of recycling paper into art; experiments are carried out on different papers to prove the effectiveness, relevance and benefits of collage in saving resourceful material in urban settlements. The aim and objective  of this study is to render permanent services to prevent wastage of materials, to reduce, reuse, and recycle discarded papers of all kinds that includes newspaper, magazines and so on, using these papers for collage and as a veritable medium of expression in painting. The Qualitative research method is used to gather information on collage. During the practical process it was discovered that collage is more tedious, time consuming and demands proficient skills than painting with pigment. It is recommended that artists in Owerri adopt the necessary technique required to convert paper to art so as to establish a healthy and clean environment. Found paper adds more interesting feel and character to collage works, and their empirical nature is part of its beauty.




Biodegradable materials decompose easily leaving the artificial materials on the surface of the earth. Artificial materials like papers require more time to disintegrate. People still practice more of the local methods of waste paper management, by piling up trash, land filling of trash and burning papers, whichever way it still pollutes the environment. Burning paper is faster and reduces paper to ash but the dangers of this process is that it emits hazardous particles in the air; this process is harmful, unhealthy and a waste of reusable material.

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Collage is the artistic process of recycling pieces and bits of discarded materials by cutting and sticking them with glue, to a surface called ground so as to create images and compose pictures. It’s difficult; and it consumes both time and energy, it also demands patience, and expertise skills. Collagists do get tired; they loose inspiration and the zeal to complete production. This is the reason why we have few collage works and more paintings at exhibition stand. However during the process of collage, discarded papers are made useful when transformed into art. New techniques and experiments are carried out everyday as new materials are introduced into the art of collage. This reliable activity has being neglected in the sense that it is hardly put into practice, as a method of managing and recycling discarded paper.

Artists barely express themselves through collage techniques, not only because of its difficulties in production, but also, because art collectors display some atom of fear as regards durability and self destruct of collage pieces. They prefer to invest in paintings than collage art, and they believe that paper collage is of low standards in quality materials; incorporating of recyclable materials that should have found themselves in the trash. This is the demonstration of ignorance of the unique quality, and ability of artistic delivery of creativity made out of turning nothing into something of great value. This recent development of negligence has lead to no artistic contribution to aid the society in a creatively. Attention should be driven to the ability of collage to transform all recyclable discarded materials especially paper to revive the appreciation of collage techniques, and to eradicate negativity in the minds of individuals.


Pollution is a general threat in Imo state. Waste disposal has become a serious issue in Owerri municipal council of Imo state. The management of local waste material has not been given the attention it deserves. Moreover discarded papers are left to litter and pollute the environment, since they are light and can easily be displace by wind. People still practice the local methods of managing paper by burning, landfill and composite. Paper is in a way environmentally friendly but when it is been managed in these local manner it becomes pollution. Scattered everywhere in abundance is a readily available material for painting, is paper, but artist in Owerri municipal prefer working with other medium in painting, therefore  disregarding the   efficiency of available paper. If this problem of pollution in the immediate environment is not controlled the whole will suffer more of paper litter.

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The aim of this study is to explore collage techniques in Owerri municipal with the intention of using it as a veritable tool to creatively recycle waste papers

  1. To convert paper to an expressive medium in art for painting
  2. to reduce the effects of pollution caused by burning paper
  • to be able to identify and verify the importance and benefits of managing paper through collage processes
  1. to implement collage technique as a primary means of recycling reusable paper in Owerri municipal and
  2. to exhibit and showcase collage technique as a means of expression in painting


The following research questions were derived from the findings of this study in relation to the problem stated.

  1. How can discarded paper be converted to an expressive medium in art for painting?
  2. In what ways can collage reduce the effects of pollution caused by burning paper?
  • How can the importance and benefits of managing paper through collages be identified and verified?
  1. How can collage technique be implemented as a primary means of recycling reusable paper in Owerri?
  2. In what ways can the collage techniques as a means of expression in painting be exhibited or showcased?


The study will help reduce the rate of pollution in the immediate environment; by contributing positively to the present condition of the immediate environment, it will serve as a novel means of expression and recycling of discarded paper for aesthetics and therapeutic uses. This research document would serves as a reference material to researchers, to consult and acquire information on the technical processes of producing paper collage. It will remind artists of the relevance of found paper in painting thereby creating new means of expression in art. This research is also beneficial to aspiring artists and local artists that are ignorant of the potentials of these materials and those that are not familiar with the technique, will acquire knowledge of collage and see more reasons to try their hands on something new, and experiment with found papers. It will be educative to the younger aspiring artists in schools if government were to adopt this artistic process of recycling waste materials into the national education curriculum plan. It will assist government in managing of waste materials, and also in the organization of the behavioural patters of individuals in the maintenance of laws, health and cleanness of the environment in Owerri. It will create job opportunities for unemployed individuals in the society. Art collectors and tourist will see it as an opportunity to ensure wealth for future purposes.

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The scope of this study focuses on the transformation of discarded papers into a painting medium in Owerri municipal council. The practical research limits itself to three major techniques of collage (assemblage environmental collage, rescue collage and newspaper collage) that reflects the recycling qualities of collage. Theses collage techniques would be used to address some themes to express its functionality. This research also intends to view previous works by collage artists in Owerri from the year 2015-2017 and to find out reasons why collage is not popular in Owerri.

This research does not wish to exploit any other material except paper but allows the presence of paint.

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