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Billboard Advertising For Effective Communication In Imo State University, Owerri




Billboard as an important aspect of visual communication material, is generally good for information dissemination. Billboards are viewed as an effective means to reach the target market and also as a balanced marketing strategy. They place emphasis on visual representation thereby making it possible to reach people who are busy and have only a few moment to catch the message. Imo State University has not adequately utilized billboard as a medium in advertising, the other media of advertising are mostly pulled down by unfavorable weather conditions as they do not stand the test of time expected by the institution. This study attempt to create a graphics design on billboard for advertisement and promotion showing the various specializations of the department of Fine and Applied Arts in Imo State University and also to document a material on billboard as a contribution to knowledge, the researcher employed primary and secondary data in carrying out this qualitative research. It therefore recommends the use of billboard for advert will go a long way in promoting the department of Fine and Applied Arts and outdoor advertising in Imo State University.




Since the history of man, communication has become an important phenomenon, it becomes rather difficult to isolate it from human existence and understanding. It can be defined as the act of passing ideas, feelings, thoughts and information from one person to another, or from one place to another. The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (p. 290) defines communication as the activity or process of expressing ideas and feelings, or giving people information, and is also the method of sending information, especially telephones, radios, computers, or roads and railways.

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It is important to note that the effectiveness of what is communicated is what really matters. A piece of information or ideas, or thought is either verbally or visually communicated.

Verbal communication could be through telephone, radio or recorder while visual communication could be through signs, symbols, lettering, television, posters and billboard design.

Billboard is one of the most effective means of visual communication, designed to create awareness and give useful information about trends, current happenings, upcoming events and other relevant news and information to the people of the society. They communicate ideas, give information and also advertise products and services. Billboard as an outdoor advert combines lettering, symbols or illustrations and real photographs to achieve their desired objectives.

Although billboards are mostly found on highways and traffic areas presenting large advertisements to pedestrians and drivers.

According to the free online dictionary, a billboard is a panel for the display of advertising in public places such as alongside highways or on the sides of buildings. The Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary (1851, p.113) describes billboard as flat surface, as of a panel, wall or fence on which bills are posted, specifically a large panel designed to carry outdoor advertising. Its simply a flat surface on which outdoor advertising are displayed. Billboard are mostly paced close to shopping malls, gas stations, bus stops, office building, highway places, where people spend a lot of time, using graphic designs that attract attention in a colorful, amusing or clever way. This study concentrates its own in Imo State University for effective communication, with the aim of utilizing billboard in the department of Fine and Applied Arts for promotion of the department and showing its existence in the campus.

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STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM                                                          

The university has always made its publications and considered its range of advertising to sign post, and sometimes they are always pulled down during unfavorable weather conditions, construction or renovation processes. Those sign posts mostly do not stand the test of time required to serve its various purpose, they are often taken off by students during protests. The area of billboard has not been explored in Imo State University in advertising its programs and activities to the public. Thus, utilizing billboard will make this research go a long way in promoting the department of Fine and Applied Arts in Imo State University.


To utilize billboard with the intention of advertising and promoting the department of Fine and Applied in Imo State University, Owerri.


The objectives set out to carry out this research include:

  1. Utilizing billboard for effective means of visual communication in Imo State University.
  2. Examine pathways through which billboard can promote the different specializations in the department of Fine and Applied Arts.
  3. Investigate the importance of outdoor advertising.
  4. To document a material on billboard advertising as a contribution to knowledge.


  1. Will billboard make for effective means of visual communication in Imo State University?
  2. In what ways could billboard promote the various specializations in Fine and Applied Arts?
  3. What are the importance of outdoor advertising?
  4. How would billboard advertising contribute to knowledge?
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The study of this research will help contribute to the existing literature on billboard advert, as an aspect of outdoor advertising. It will serve as a frame of reference to billboard designers on visual communication elements and will be of general interest on the role of billboards for public enlightenment. The functional project will be significant to the department of Fine and Applied Arts for aesthetics and promotional purposes in Imo State University, Owerri.


This research focused only on billboard as a form of outdoor advertising. And a computer aided graphics design will be used as a method of executing the functional project with the intention to place a billboard on the wall of the department of Fine and Applied Arts in Imo State University, Owerri.

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