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Bad User Behaviours In Nigerian Universities: A Case Study Of Imo State University Library




This research work is on Bad user behaviours in Nigerian Universities: A case study of Imo State University Library. Four (4) purposes were drawn and four (4) research questions were answered. The study had a conceptual framework, theoretical framework and empirical study which act as a guide. The research method adopted for the study was a survey method. The population was thirty (30) staff consisting of fifteen (15) professionals, ten (10) para-professional staff and five (5) non-professional staff. The instrument for data collection was questionnaire, the method of data analysis were mean, statistics tables and simple percentages were used for data presentation, thereby enabling for easy discussion and interpretation of data. Findings from the study revealed that bad user behaviours have an influence on the library. Based on the findings, the study recommends that proper physical arrangement of library to determine the level of supervision, library buildings should be secured to control loss of books and employment of more library staff to checkmate offenders.




This chapter is an overview of the study on bad user behaviors in Nigerian libraries: A case study of Imo State University, Owerri. It presented under the following subheadings: background to the study, statement of the problem, scope of the study, purpose of study, significance of the study and research question.

Background to the Study

Bad user behaviors are simply referred to as those behaviors or actions that are against the library rules and regulations which impede the growth and development of the library institution. University libraries which are part of academic libraries are libraries established in universities such as – Imo state university, FUTO library, etc.

Nwosu (2000) asserts that certain behavior traits of library users in recent times are a source of concern as they pose a threat to the library. Nwosu (2000) also states that there has been witness to a gradual erosion of the order that used to characterize the library as an entity; indiscipline, long established in the larger society has naturally found its way into the library as users today behave in utter disregard for the rules and regulations of the library.

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Bad user behaviors have of late become a cankerworm which has eaten deep into the institution’s library system without distinction. These types of behaviors on library resources and personnel are not a new phenomenon in the history of Imo state University library. Edom (2012) suggests that libraries, despite the clustered air which surrounds them have not been exempted from it. The author further states that library crimes range from attacks on information resources, library equipment and facilities to attacks on library staff. Unfortunately, for the introduction of free and open access to materials gave way to anti-social or anti-regulatory behaviors towards the library resources and even to the staff themselves.

Bad user behavior ranges from theft which means the act of stealing. Nwosu (2000) averred that stealing puts the library in terrible jeopardy and defeats the library quest for continuity through the store of books- record of human knowledge for posterity. Edom (2012) defines mutilation as one of the bad user behavaiors as the act of disturbing and making reading materials imperfect of no second-hand value, effect by removing or irreparably damaging parts of the material; be it books, serials or even non-book information resources.

Also, includes, assault on library staff, making noise in the library, eating and drinking in the library, theft of other users belongings etc.

Today, bad user behaviors in university libraries especially in Imo State University library has become a social and natural problem that the universities management has taken steps to safeguard lives and properties. The Imo state University has been place in a pitiable condition because of the activities of bad user behaviors. These bad user behaviors are seen as set back to library development especially now that the importance of library and its resources are being recognized and utilized as a major partner in the education of the institution.

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Therefore, the primary motive of the research is to examine the nature of these behaviors, how they come about, their consequences and finally to proffer solutions as to how they can be minimized if not, completely eliminated.

Statement of the Problem

The main purpose of the university library is to achieve its set goals and objectives which are to support teaching, learning, and research. It was observed that the universities libraries are facing a lot of challenges especially bad user behaviors are in the form of mutilation of library assault on staff, noise making, eating and drinking in the library, theft of user’s and staff belongings.

These problems hinder the provision of effective services by the university libraries. The researcher therefore aims at finding out the causes of bad user behaviors in academic libraries with a view of proferring solutions.



Scope of the Study

This study deals generally on bad user behaviors in Nigerian Universities; A case study of Imo State University Library, Owerri. The study covered the bad user behaviors in Imo state university library and also the response of staff to these behaviors. The study also investigated the consequences of bad user behaviors, the categories of users who indulge in these bad user behaviors, the types of bad user behaviors as well as the challenges of curtailing bad user behaviors in Imo state university library.

Purpose of the Study

The general purpose of the study is to determine the bad user behaviors in Imo State University library. With this, the specific objectives of the study are;

  1. to identify the category of users who indulge in these bad user behaviors in Imo state University library,
  2. to determine the types of bad user behaviors obtained in Imo state university library,
  3. to determine the consequences of bad user behaviors on the library staff, users of library in Imo state university,
  4. to determine the ways of curtailing bad user behaviors in Imo state university library.
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Significance of the Study

The study is significant as its findings would help the undergraduate students, post graduates, research, lecturers and library management.

The library management will be able to know through the findings of this study, the bad user behaviors that exist in their library and give priority attention to solve the problem, providing solution to these problems will enable them to provide adequate services to their clients.

The undergraduate students stand a better chance to enjoy a high level of service delivery. The findings will also be of great value to researchers as it will stimulate them to venture into related areas of research.

The lecturers will find the outcome of this study very valuable in their areas of academic discipline as it will help them to identifying users bad behaviors and help the library to ensure that students do not exhibit such behaviors in the libraries.

The post graduates will find this study very useful as it will make them improve on their use of academic library. They can now feel relaxed whenever they come into the library to read and make research as no one will disturb them again.

Finally, this study will be found useful since it will become a reference source of acceptable standard and also an added literature in the field of librarianship.

Research Questions

The following research questions are stated to guide the this study;

  1. Who are the categories of users who indulge in bad user behaviour?
  2. What are the types of bad user behaviour?
  3. What are the consequences of bad user behaviour in Imo State University Library?
  4. What are the ways of curtailing bad user behaviours in Imo State University Library?

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