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Vocational Education

The Impact Of Educational Technology On Vocational And Technical Education




This study investigate “The Impact of Education Technology in Vocational and Technical Programmes in Nigerian Colleges of Education” In order to achieve maximum level of accuracy and give a fair treatment to the problems unclear, the researcher adopted a method of data collection with the use of questionnaire the population sample was drawn for the student of vocational education, the total population used for the research was fifty (50) students. Educational technology serves as basis for vocational training that makes student to be self reliance and employers of labour and also teaching and learning of vocational skills is not completed without the use of educational technology.

Chapter One


Educational technology is a carryover from industrial technology (Ogunranti 1998) and it is also seen as a solution to all education problems (Balogun 1988) educational technology is a process- products which helps in facilitating learning more in the teaching- learning situation. It is also regarded as a systems approach to teaching- learning process centering on the optional design, implementation and evaluation of teaching and learning. Put in another way it is the systematic application of scientific knowledge and technical development within and outside of educational system to solve educational problems and to serve to alleviate necessities in educational technology teachers in training, exposed to educational technology should take- up the challenges as a significant part of their studies. Since educational technology provides more effective and sufficient means has advantage of avoiding sterile and ideological debate about the goal of education. The system of schooling has become training, which select and place instruction for people. A man starts his occupation in the world of achievement in education world. Thus, educational technology then effective problem solving skills.

If technology is applied science then there should be readiness to identify and scientific and philosophical under pinnings of what their teacher do since scientific teachers dealing with teachers in training are not free from the ideology of educational technology therefore, there should be the consciousness of the nature of it and play roles in defining it even more clearly.

The essential purpose of over teacher education programme is to provide prospective teacher with both an array of instructionalalternative and the skills necessary to make appropriate choice among them. Teachers in training in college of education and universities should not just stand aloof from producing and using instructional materials after graduation, the programme should continue and should have bearing with the school system.

1.1 Background Of The Study

What one should bear in mind about the term ‘’educational technology’’ is that at is beyond mere collection and operation of educational materials and equipment to some people, educational technology is any equipment or machine that may be found in the classroom.

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Educational technology can be used to impact learning in an effective and appealing manner. It has been designed to give students experience using technology tools to design and create instructional materials for all types of learners in various educational setting.

The course offer opportunities for students to use technology to effectively implement and evaluate their instructional materials. Educational technology is a concept dealing with all the problem facing education, it makes use of instructional technology, learning and communication theories and system approach in vocational educational gives learners the skills to live learn and work as a productive citizens in a global society. It is also the type of education intentionally designed for people who have chosen occupation and wish to improve on them.

The national policy on education (2010) viewed vocational and technical education as an aspect of the education process involves in addition to general education, the study of technology and related sciences and acquisition of practical skills, attitudes, understanding and knowledge.

Moreso, many schools and colleges are using new method of educational technology to enhance the learning experience in vocational technology to enhance the learning experience in vocational technical education these includes: DVDS Digital television and radio and sophisticated forms of communication Technology.

It is undoubtedly beneficial that students have the option to use to increase their learning capacity and pursue their interest.

The role of educational technology in vocational and technical education programmes in Nigeria colleges of education can help students understand certain concepts better and also act as a means of aiding instruction and as a tool to enhance the entire learning process.

1.2 Statement Of The Problem

Despite the best intentions of successive Nigerian governments, vocational and technical education programmes are still fraught with problems, including Administrator’s misconception of the nature of vocational education, inadequate political will by the government, deficient educational monitoring and evaluation procedures,poor funding, poor incentives for teachers and a rapid rate of technological changes.

Vocational and technical education courses attract students who leave school and are unable toobtain employment for such students, it offers them the training in technical fields.

Furthermore, the mission of vocational and technical education is not only to provide definite training in the various occupations, but also to relate that training to science, mathematics etc which are useful in the society.

Furthermore, vocational and technical education is needed in every aspect of our national life. The problem of juvenile delinquency and crime can be reduced if the youths are given the necessary vocational training that will keep them busy. In develop world vocational and technical education is regarded as a wise investment. It is believed by many people that through vocational and technical education and training, boys and girls as well as adults will be trained to acquire requisite skills that will enable them secure employments, which will be beneficial to themselves and the society.

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Government should provide more employment opportunities to graduates of vocational and technical teachers education. They should also offer scholarships in this area, there is need to change the vocational and technical teachers economic status so as to increase the public awareness of the importance of vocational and technical teachers education incentive should be given to the vocational and technical teachers to discourage them from drifting to industries.

Government should increase the number of vocational and technical teachers in post primary institution to enhance effective pre-vocational programme and prepare the students very well for vocational education and also conduct in-service training for the vocational and technical teachers regularly in order to upgrade their quality.

Vocational and technical education in Nigeria has achequered history. Given it humble beginnings, this aspect of education was misunderstood by educators in the larger society, conceptually, educators could hardly differentiate between the terms vocational and technical education, while society had been led to believe that vocation education for those who areincapable of pursing academic programmes against this background. Vocational and technical education has made slow progress from its earliest time to date.

For the purpose of clarity. Vocational education is that skill based programme designed for sub -professional level education and based on a specific vocation. Technical education on other hand, facilitates the acquisition of practical and applied skills as well as basic scientific knowledge the major difference between the two terms is that whereas vocational education is designed for a particular vocation technical education but gives general knowledge, this while every vocational education programme is technical in nature not all technical educationprogrammes are vocational.

This subtle relationship account of take Nigeria as an example, vocational education program are offered at the technical education courses at the ordinary national diploma level. As part of the improved fortunes of vocational education, the Current National Policy on Education (1998)has accorded a section to it clarifying it’s objectives with respect to the entire education system. Furthermore, the country’s increasing unemployment has helped to highlight the need for Vocational Education.

1.3 Purpose Of The Study

The main purpose of educational study is to identify:

  1. The role of educational technology in vocational technical education on programme in Nigeria Colleges of Education.
  2. To examine how educational technology serves as a drives towards achieving vocational and technical skills.
  3. To examine how educational technology has helped to solve the problem of unemployment through vocational and technical training.
  4. To examine the extents to which the young graduates make use of the skills acquired in educational technology and vocational and technical education to be self-reliance.
  5. To establish whether there is exists relationship between educational technology and vocational and technical education.
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1.4 Research Question

The research will provide answer to these questions:

  1. Does educational technology plays and roles in the developing of vocational and technical education
  2. In what ways does educational technology serves as a drive towards achieving vocational skills
  3. Does young graduates make use of the skills acquire through vocational and technical education to set-up a particular trade.
  4. How can we establish the relationship between educational technology and vocational and technical education.

1.5 Significance Of The Study

The significance of the study will help the students in the following ways:

  1. To study may serve as an insight to born other specific problems.
  2. To alert the government about the impact of Educational Technology on Vocational and Technical Education in Nigeria Colleges of Education.
  3. To alert the government about the role of they should play in Education Technology and Vocational and Technical Education.
  4. To alert the Colleges of Education on Educational Technology and Vocational and Technical Education.

1.6 Limitation Of The Study

The study is limited to the school of vocational education which comprises four (4) department which are department of Business-education, department of Home-economics, department of Agricultural science and department of Art, in Federal College of Education Osiele, Abeokuta.

1.7 Definition Of Terms

i. Educational Technology:

It is a field involved in applying a complex integrated process to analyze and solve problems in human learning.

ii. Vocational Education:

This is concern with the development or acquisition of knowledge and skills required for an occupation.

iii. Technical Education:

This is the combination of the theoretical and practical training that posses the characteristics of a particular art, science and profession or occupation.

iv. Vocational and Technical Education:

This is the type of Education which leads to the acquisition of the practiced and applied skills as well as basic scientific knowledge.

v. Technology:

It is the application of scientific knowledge used in particular ways in industry.

vi. Training:

This is the process of learning the skills that one needs to do for a job.

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