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Influence Of Study Habits And Academic Performance Of Students In Economics In Ikeduru Local Government Area Of Imo State




This research work is on “study habits and academic performance of economics students in secondary schools in Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo State”. The study further established some objectives upon which research questions were asked. The study was also designed using the descriptive survey design statistical method with 90 randomly sampled respondents. Relevant information was obtained using questionnaire and validated for face and content with experts in measurement and evaluation. The data that were collected were calculated using the mean scores. Among the findings of the study was that; Poor study habits exhibited by secondary school students include poor attitude or total neglect of the school time tables and private time tables, poorly   trained   teachers   teaching   students inadequate facilities for extra curricular study and lack of well developed school library are the major causes of poor study habits among secondary school students and difficulty in distinguishing main ideas from irrelevant details, are the impacts of poor study habits on students’ academic performance. Based on the findings, the researcher recommends that regular visit at regulated intervals in the schools by educational supervisors and inspectors in order to supervise and vet study habit test instruments prepared by the teachers.



In this chapter, the researcher provides a concise overview of this work which is comprised of six subheadings; background of the study, statement of the problem, scope of the study, purpose of the study, significance of the study and the research questions.

Background of the Study

Economics came into the secondary school curriculum in Nigeria in1966 much later than most other secondary school subjects like Geography, History, Civics and Current affairs Obemeata (2010). Ever since, the number of candidates that offer Economics in the West African School Certificate Examination (WASCE) has witnessed a phenomenal increase. According to Obemeata (2010), only 10 candidates offered Economics in the West African School Certificate Examination in 2008 and this constituted 0.07% of the total number of candidates that year. In 2009, it was 12.56%.

Mathematics is also more or less compulsory for all students who wish to offer science subjects and some social science subjects. Similarly, Biology is taken by many students because they are usually required to take at least one science subject. By this analysis, it is probably understandable that English Language and Mathematics top the list of entries. It may be said that Economics is probably the most popular social science subject in the secondary school curriculum.

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Obemeata (2010) concluded that students study Economics in secondary schools for various ·reasons such as: ·

  • It is an interesting subject,
  • It is necessary for their future career,
  • It is studied in order to know, understand and be able to solve ·economic problems,
  • It is studied because it is a social ·science subject,
  • It is studied because it leads to intellectual stimulation.

From the foregoing, it could be deduced that Economics is one of the social science subjects that is popular and studied by students in order to solve the economic problems of a nation. Considering the reasons above, one would have expected the students of Economics to do well. Rather, their performances in various examinations is a thing of concern as many of the students who enrolled for Economics examination are falling below credit pass in the subject. This assertion is supported by the examination performances of all Nigerian students in WASSCE for the year 2007 to 2012. Education is a life process which starts from childhood and last through life. It is an established fact that the more one studies, the more knowledgeable he/she becomes. Education in essence eradicates illiteracy, ignorance and it is a key to success in communication. According to Ezegbe (2014) “study aids students to asses recorded knowledge as vital ingredients for intellectual development and academic excellence.

Study is a dispensable ingredient in the intellectual development of children it is a vital process and a powerful tool in the learning process. Ukaga (2014) sees study as the application of mind to the acquisition of study skill is a valuable tool which assists learners in the educational process. Through study, one is able to search and assist the thoughts, ideas and imaginations of authors. Study enlightens and broadens people’s perspectives and horizons. Good study habit helps students to achieve educational objectives and stated goals. Poor study habit leads students to failure in school.

Economics as a study is very important in the learning process, however is not given adequate attention in Nigeria schools and Imo State in particular. It is not given its rightful position in school curriculum, thus it is not taught as a subject like English language. The necessary equipment and facilities for studies are not provided in schools. The libraries do not teach study skill; neither do they provide adequate books and non book materials for the students to learn how to study. According to Angaegbulam (2005) “the students fail to imbibe the basic study skills and habits which they require for their academic growth and development” students verily study and when they do, its for examination purpose. Most students are affected by this poor study habit because it is carried on, to after school life.

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This has contributed to the non study culture of the larger societal students. Amuche (2006) opines that “adequate attention has to be given to the provision of studying materials as well as the inculcation of good study habit in school children’s. There is need to identify the factors that impede the development of good study skills and habits in children or students in selected secondary schools in Owerri Municipal Council.

Statement of the Problem

Secondary school students lack the capacity for study, as their educational activities demand well developed study habits and skills. The problem with the students of secondary schools in Imo State is that, they lack study competence, necessary study skill and consequently, they do not possess the study habits which will enable them study extensively much time and energy. Most schools have no libraries and some secondary schools that have libraries are non functional or are poorly equipped. These have consequently affected the study habit of students and their academic performance.

Observation and analysis of students’ achievement in SSCE in the past few years has shown that the level of students’ academic achievement in Economics over the years was not encouraging. Also reports from examining bodies revealed that students with distinctions in Economics in WASSCE are low. However, because of the nature of Economics as the most important social science subject, one would expect majority of the students to have distinctions and credit passes in the subject. This weak performance called for concern by researchers, parents, school administrators and other stakeholders in the education business. The low performance is likely to be caused by some factors like low cognitive ability, medical problems, gender, prematurity, teachers’ variable, government factors such as instability of educational policies, inadequate and poor supervision of educational institutions, poor study habit, inadequate funding of education or students’ negative attitude. Hence, this study sought to investigate the extent to which study habits and academic performance in Economics in senior secondary schools in Ikeduru LGA of Imo State.

Scope of the Study

This research is carried out in three secondary schools in Ikeduru LGA in Owerri Educational Zone of Imo State. It focused on the influence of study habit and academic performance of students in economics in senior secondary school level with the following variables under investigation.

Various study habit exhibited by students, the extent students use both private and school time tables and their library skills, the poor study habit and its effect on students.

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Purpose of the Study

The main purpose of the study is to find out the influence of study habit and academic performance of students in economics in Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo State Specifically the study ought to;

  1. Determine the various poor study habits exhibited by economics secondary school students in Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo State.
  2. Find out factors that influence poor reading habits among secondary school economics students in Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo State.
  • Find out whether poor study habits have any impact on students’ academic performance in economics.

Significance of the Study

The significance of this study lies in the fact that it will reveal the study problems of the students such findings will be useful to students themselves, the teachers, and teacher librarians.

The school authorities will equally benefit from the study for it will aid in improving the libraries with the identification of the study problems of the students and way of overcoming them, it will be quite easier to promote the good study habits and skills of the students in economics.

The study will be beneficial to educationist and researchers, for it will direct and sharpen their focus for further investigation. When students understand ways of improving their study habits, it will go a long way in improving or enhancing their academic performance in economics.

This study will direct the economics teachers attention to the need for them to adopt more appropriate teaching methods in order to bring about the above mentioned desirable experience in the learners. This study will have a great significant to economists for formulation and evaluation of their plans. It will be useful to learners to identify the factors affecting the teaching and learning of economics. It will help to produce sound economics students that will function well in the economy.

Research Questions

The following research questions are posed to guide the study;

  1. What are the likely poor study habits exhibited by secondary school students?
  2. What are the factors that influence poor reading habits among secondary school economics students in secondary schools in Ikeduru L.G.A?
  3. What are the impacts of poor study habits on students’ academic performance?

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