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Influence Of Boss Fm Jingles On Meth (Mkpuru Mmiri) Abuse Among Imo State University, Owerri Undergraduates




The research explores the response of Imo State University, Owerri undergraduates to a Boss Fm Jingles awareness program against Meth (Mkpurummiri) Drug Abuse. The study combines both qualitative and quantitative research methods, employing in-depth interviews and a descriptive survey research method. The data collected in the field is analyzed using SPSS. The introduction in Chapter one outlines the background of meth drug abuse, its definition by various scholars, and campaigns against drug abuse. The focus is on evaluating the influence of Boss Fm Jingles on drug abuse, establishing research objectives, and posing research questions. The relevant concepts, including a literature review, drug abuse concepts, the concept of meth, causes of drug abuse, the concept of radio, drug abuse campaigns on radio/social media, theoretical frameworks, and a summary of the literature review. The design and methods employed in the study, opting for an explanatory mixed-method approach (survey and in-depth interview) with a sample size of 147. Questionnaires and interview guides were administered to Imo State University undergraduates.




The rampant use of drugs like meth (mkpurummiri), marijuana, alcohol, cocaine and many more among youths is a serious issue that has become a tragedy, drawing the attention and concern of the entire nation. This problem made the then Military Government of Nigeria to promulgate a Decree No 48 of the 1989, which established the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA). Since then, pages of newspapers, the television, the radio, magazines and journals have been “littered” with the reports of one form of drug abuse or the other. The abuse of drugs, which was originally conceived as the problems of a few individuals, is today becoming a disease of a sizeable proportion of our citizens, (Folawiyo, 2015). He also added that, the problem is so grave that it has extended beyond the usual characteristic profile of abusers being male, adult and urban-based to now include females, youngsters and those who live in towns and rural areas. Essen (2016) observed that the increasing incidence of drug abuse among School Students is a contributory factor in the ugly confrontation between school administrators and students.

Mkpurummiri is the slang coined from the Igbo language, which is loosely translated as ‘seed of water’. In reality, it is a crystal narcotic hallucinogen, medically known as Methamphetamine or by its street name Crystal Meth. It has a chalk-like crystal form and can sometimes be blue hence the name ‘mkpurummiri’. It is a man-made drug developed during World War II, used by soldiers to stay awake or carry out dangerous suicidal missions. It’s highly addictive nature makes a chemically similar drug, amphetamine – used to treat Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and narcolepsy, a sleep disorder – highly regulated and only available by prescription. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, UNODC, has said a Nigerian drug syndicate is supplying Crystal Meth popularly known as ‘MkpuruMmiri’, to South Africa.According to UNODC World Drug Report 2021, the traffickers have set up two major transnational supply routes from Nigeria and Afghanistan through which the deadly narcotic is trafficked to Western Cape Province, South Africa.The report estimated that almost four percent of the global population aged 15-64 years, used cannabis at least once in 2019.Many youths in the South-East were said to be addicted to MkpuruMmiri, which is widely sold in many urban areas in the region.

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The radio is considered to be one of the most powerful information dissemination medium available to the mass communicator. It is considered to be one of the most effective for development communication purposes especially in the rural areas (Ojebode&Adegbola, 2017). This is because radio waves are easily accessible and the radio is believed to be the cheapest technology in terms of first and maintenance costs. An important consideration here is how the audience perceive and are influenced by the radio messages. Radio is the chosen medium because it is relatively cheap and available, there is also an adequate radio broadcasting infrastructure in Nigeria which has existed since the 1940’s (Umar 2026) Also, and most importantly, the eastern audience is considered to be essentially a listening audience (Emerenu, 2015). It is against this backdrop that this study was conducted in order to analyse Influence of Boss Fm Jingles on Meth (Mkpurummiri) abuse among Imo State University, Owerri Undergraduates.


Time without number both teachers and parents are complaining bitterly about students involvement in drug abuse and their attitude to learning. Inspite of all the efforts made by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) to reduce the problem of drug abuse that may affect so many aspects of adolescent life the problem still persist particularly among adolescent in Imo sate Metropolis. Drug abuse is a pandemic problem and it increases in an alarming rate in Nigeria today. About two decades ago, incidence of drug trafficking in Nigeria was low and abuse was minimal, but today drug abuse has destroyed and killed many people in the society. During this period It was mostly the university undergraduates that were caught and the first to be executed for drug offences under the “special tribunal (miscellaneous offences) Degree NO 20 1984. Nevertheless, the usage of drug either by students or other members of the larger society is all its ramifications appear to be a social problem. This is a critical problem which affects the society as it hampers the academic performance of students who are expected to develop and become leaders of tomorrow. The students who are the youth and the future hope of the society have created a social problem of engaging in hard drug that can be destruction to their academic endeavors.

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Specifically, the study seeks to:

  1. To examine the influence of Meth (Mkpurummiri) substance abuse on student’s academic performance of Imo State University, Owerri Undergraduates
  2. To identify the type of drugs and substances are commonly abused by the Imo State University, Owerri Undergraduates
  • To determine the factors responsible for Meth (Mkpurummiri) substance abuse among students of the University
  1. To indicate preventive measures against Meth (Mkpurummiri) substance abuse amongst students of the university


This study on “Influence of Boss Fm Jingles on Meth (Mkpurummiri) abuse among Imo State University, Owerri Undergraduates ” has theoretical and practical relevance. This will significantly contribute to the existing theories and methodology on drug and substance abuse in Nigeria, also beyond Nigeria, among the students of Nigerian higher institutions, and most especially among the students of the Imo State University. The study will help in justifying the authenticity of the findings of previous studies on Meth (Mkpurummiri) abuse in Nigeria and at the Imo State University in particular. It will also help in improving the written literature base of drug and substance abuse. The study will also contribute to the already existing knowledge/literatures which are going to assist the students of Nigerian higher institutions in ‘understanding the extent, causes, consequences and solution to drug abuse. The data generated from the study will be used by subsequent researchers to explore alternative ways of reducing drastically or putting to a halt, the phenomenon of drug and substance abuse in the Nigerian higher institutions especially among imo state University students. This study will help in testing the empirical and practical validity of the theory guiding this study. It will equally be useful in ascertaining whether the adopted methodology for a study on drug and substance abuse is adequate. The findings of this study will be of benefits to guidance and counseling teachers by learning how to deal with students who abuse drug and substance. Policy makers in the ministry of education and other stakeholders will use this information on abuse of drugs and substance so as to form appropriate policy decisions in betting this vide that has a negative effect on academic performance. Parents and guardians may benefits from this study by getting ideas on their children’s intake of drugs so as to be better placed to ensure good upcoming of these children. Finally, the study will open new research gaps that may be useful for future research initiatives in this area of study by scholars.


This project work is to provide enough information as regards toInfluence of Boss Fm Jingles on Meth (Mkpurummiri) abuse among Imo State University, Owerri is necessary to test the following hypothesis:

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H 0There is no significant relationship between the influenceof Meth (Mkpurummiri) substance abuse on student’s academic performance of Imo State University, Owerri Undergraduates

H 1 There is significant relationship between the influence of Meth (Mkpurummiri) substance abuse on student’s academic performance of Imo State University, Owerri Undergraduates

H 0 There is no significant relationship between the influence of Meth (Mkpurummiri) substance abuse on student’s academic performance of Imo State University, Owerri Undergraduates

H 2 There is significant relationship between the influence of Meth (Mkpurummiri) substance abuse on student’s academic performance of Imo State University, Owerri Undergraduates


(a) Drug: A drug is a chemical substance capable of altering the physical and psychological function of the body.

(b) Meth :it is a crystal narcotic hallucinogen, medically known as Methamphetamine or by its street name Crystal Meth.

(c) Abuse: This means the misuse of something. It can also be described as the illegal use of something.

(d) Drug Abuse: This is the misuse of drugs. It could be defined as the illegal use of substance which interferes with the human behavior.

(e) Effects: This could be defined as consequences. It is also the power to produce result.


In assuming the study, the likely are assumed and the action to take or how to go about such problem is assumed.

  1. The Boss FM Jingles RadioProgram has been assumed to be the best medium to affect or influence the students of Imo University. It is seen as the best that can be used to educate the view of enlighten the people in terms of their health and social wellbeing.
  2. It has been assumed that effectiveness of drug abuseprogramme depends on the presentation i.e. if the programme is well packaged, if the times of the programme tallies with the time students are at home and if the presentation is perfect.
  3. It is also assumed that the influence of boss FM jingles on meth (Mkpurummiri) abuse among Imo state university, Owerri undergraduates is positive but has its short comings too. These positive impact and shortcoming are studied to get the kind of effects that can influence the students.


In the cause of this study, the researcher was faced with a number of problems. Among the short comings includes, financial constraint, which prevented the researcher from carrying out his study in details. Time factor had also been one of the greatest constraint.

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