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IMSU Procedures (How to arrange your documents) for final bursary screening




IMSU Procedures (How to arrange your documents) for final bursary screening

Looking for how to arrange your documents for final screening after you must have made all your necessary sundry bursary payment and completed the signing of your clearance form.

We got you covered on this article is we will direct you on how to do just that.

Procedures for final screening

  • Assemble all your receipts/evidence of payment in the following sequence
  1. Alumni fee should be in front
  2. clearance form (fully signed)
  3. Acceptance fee
  4. All school fees paid in order of progression. That is, 100 level fees comes first followed by 200 level …..
  5. Binding
  6. Certificate
  7. Convocation
  8. Statement of Result
  9. Accreditation
  10. Verification
  11. Senate approved result
  • Make a copy of each receipts/evidence of payment
  • Submit the original copies to the verification officer and go with the photocopies
  • Return later as may be required for collection of the original verified copies and submit the photocopy for office use



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