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IMSU is still part of the ongoing nation wide ASUU strike



IMSU is still part of the ongoing nation wide ASUU strike

IMSU is still part of the ongoing nation wide ASUU strike

My attention has been drawn to a fictitious, malicious, frivolous and mischievous post written in grammatically challenged English to the effect of an imaginary pull out of ASUU-IMSU from the ongoing ASUU strike”. And it is my onerous duty and responsibility to state as follows.

1. Disregard the said notice because it is not only false it is also intended to distract the reading public.

2. In case you have not read the false notice, do not bother searching for it.

3. ASUU strike is still on and has recorded 100% compliance in Imo State University.

4. We use this opportunity to direct all members of ASUU-IMSU to continue to comply with the directive to embark on strike.

5. For any member of ASUU-IMSU taking part in any academic activity including organizing students for IT Practicum, note that whatever academic activity you embark upon within the period of the strike is questionable. We as a Union have formally notified the University management that we are on strike and that notification has not been vacated.

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6. For any information and update on the strike, always consult Divine Portal.

7. Let me conclude by reminding all that an average soldier is anti war; but there are things worth fighting for. Similarly, an average lecturer is anti strike, but there are issues worth embarking on strike for.

The struggle is on and victory is sure.

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