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Funding of public schools in Owerri-West, problems and prospects




The study is on “Funding of public schools in Owerri-West, problems and prospects”. The study has three objectives and four research questions.  Survey research design was used for the study. This study was carried out with an aggregate population of twenty-six (26) principals both junior and senior principals of all the thirteen (13) secondary schools in Owerri-West who are deeply involved in the management of secondary schools. The findings revealed that the funding of education should be a combined responsibility of federal, state and local govt and local communities, there are so many examination malpractices that cannot easily crouch for the authenticity of certificates, the government should be responsible for secondary education in the provision of equipment and libraries, there is sufficient time to cover the school curriculum. Based on the findings, the study therefore recommends that For better improvement of infrastructure of secondary schools, more government aids and assistance is needed. The school authority, teachers and community people must be aware about the infrastructural facilities available in the school and necessary steps should be taken for its improvement. Schools should be regularly supervised. Endowment should be provided by public to both private and government schools for improvement of infrastructure in Owerri-West secondary schools. Teachers must encourage using prudently the available infrastructure in the schools. The concept has to be from the community, government, stakeholders, and also by creating awareness for investors and donations. It should be the aim of every secondary school in Owerri-West that, students can’t be deprived of the basic infrastructural facilities like desk, benches, drinking water, toilet facilities, etc.

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In all attempts at funding education since independence, it seems that, the government cannot fund education alone especially towards the end of the former administration.

The State Government announced that they offer free primary and secondary education in the state but the consequences are quite obvious because, with the dwindling oil revenue and poor revenue base, such a giant educational provision is bound to collapse. This vision cannot also be achieved without the findings of the study that the Nigerian secondary school curriculum is fairly but not effectively implemented. Evidence yielded by study revealed the following factors as the root cause of the problem.


Insufficient specialist teachers, lack of infrastructural facilities and embezzlement of education funds by the school management/authority.

Further evidence have also yielded by the study that suggests there is seemingly gradual progression towards achieving the goals of secondary education system in some secondary schools in the state, e.g.: like comprehensive secondary school along Douglas road, Owerri and comprehensive secondary school, Amakohia.

The fundamental challenges as highlighted in the study should be effectively addressed for the curriculum to fully equip the students with necessary academic facilities, skills and qualitative education for them to live as competent members of the society and also contribute to the nation building.

A revised education curriculum in prospecting the Nigerian constitution at secondary level of education will be a potent tool for nation building.

Great national values such as democracy, social justice, equity, non-tribalism, human dignity, accountability, rule of law, respect for diversity and tolerance will be taught as part of the prospect towards investigating secondary education in Owerri-West L.G.A that will bring to life in the classroom in a manner that will transform each student into a valuable and decent student permanently. Specific problems and roadblocks in our current educational system have been highlighted and briefly.

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A number of these problems and issues can be dissolved over the next four years to bring sanity to our educational system and to our national life and our polity. Some specific problems with Nigerian educational system is the problem of mass failure in Waec, Jamb, and G.C.E test in Government secondary schools.

As a result of a symptom of a bad disease that was there all along which could have been diagnosed and treated by standardized and nationwide from junior secondary school like (JSS1). Academic weaknesses of the students would have been detected earlier. Poor performing teachers who makes students do poorly on the standardized exam will be warned and assisted to do better or will be replaced and also provide them with good and conducive learning environment and learning materials.


This refers to the problem of examination malpractice, non-provision or lack of infrastructural facilities, non provision of learning materials, poor performing teachers or unqualified teachers, embezzlement of education funds by the school management and its effects on the academic performances of secondary school students in Owerri-West L.G.A of Imo state. This exercise has precipitated regrettable appalling consequences, leading to loss of dignity, reputation and pride in the students and parents and the society at large. The menace of this trend has adversely affected all fact of life ranging from the economic system to the socio-political system of the nation.


  • To determine the appropriateness of actual ability /effectiveness of infrastructural facility that can facilitate learning in secondary schools in Owerri-West.
  • To determine efficiency of qualified teachers in secondary schools in Owerri-West.
  • Assess the availability of specialist teachers in Owerri-West secondary schools.
  • To determine the availability of infrastructural material/textbooks for effective teaching and learning.
  • To determine the appropriateness of the coverage of the school curriculum/ content within the specified period. 
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  • It will help in further academic research because students/researchers who are writing on the related topic will use it for reference purpose/review.
  • The school management/ authorities will also benefit as the research work will also benefit as the research work will enlighten them to channel school fund into specified school project so as to raise standard of education.
  • This study is significant in so many ways. Most importantly, it will sensitize policy makers, educational administrators, and curriculum planners on the need to plan towards effective curriculum implementation and efficient funding of secondary schools.


  • Is there availability of sufficient infrastructure to facilitate learning in Owerri-West schools?
  • Are there sufficient qualified teachers in Imo state?
  • Is there adequate instructional material or textbooks for effective teaching and learning in Owerri-West secondary schools?
  • Is the content/curriculum of study covered within the specified period?


The scope of this study covers funding of public schools in Owerri-West, problems and prospects. The study will be limited to Army secondary school, Obinze and Avu secondary school respectively.

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