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COTP “Cryptos OTC” Trading Platform Review, Legit or Scam



COTP "Cryptos OTC" Trading Platform Review, Legit or Scam

COTP “Cryptos OTC” Trading Platform Review, Legit or Scam

COTP Cryptos OTC Trading Platform is a digital currency service platform that uses artificial intelligence and algorithms to automatically buy digital currencies at low price and sell them at higher prices to earn the difference between the two.

The COTP platform allows you to place one fast order every two hours and up to twelve fast transactions per day, each of which can generate profit. After two Hours the frozen amount will be returned to your balance and you will be able to accept orders.

COTPS exchange is providing intelligent high-frequency transaction services to users all over the world. In the high-frequency transaction mode of COTP , no matter whether the market is bull market or bear market, whether there are large market fluctuations or stable market, as long as there is a matching transaction, there must be a price difference, so that the small interest difference between purchase and sale orders in milliseconds will be collected and processed by the high-frequency technology, ensuring the stable revenue for customers by its fast processing all day long.

As a model focusing on currency transaction and high-frequency transaction, COTP exchange has been deeply developing the high-frequency transaction of digital currency, it has built the first high-frequency transaction digital exchange in the world, and created a new wealth space for both users and investors in the globe. The core of COTP high-frequency transaction is to complete thousands of purchasing and selling transactions at a microsecond speed before the buyer and the seller carry out transactions. For individuals or institutions who want to obtain high benefits in the digital currency transaction market through high-frequency transaction, COTP high-frequency transaction mode is an example that can referred to.

COTP is an arbitrage trading platform, it may interest you to know that arbitrage trading is very profitable. Having an artificial intelligence (AI) software opportunity that helps you to quickly make profit. And cryptos OTP can give you 100% profit with ease but it’s time consuming.  This software can run a node and act as identifiers, as such, make it possible for them to reorganize transactions in a block to ensure that their transactions can be carried out faster than others.

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When trading with COTP, If you check the merchants on their platform in exchanges like binance and other exchanges, you will find out that these trading merchants are there to and are real merchants. So if you can transact USDT directly from Binance P2P, then you can do same on COTP because same merchants can be found there too.

What COTP trading platform does when you trade is to scan all the crypto currency exchange platform and buy coins at reduced prices and sell for profit to other buyers in need.

COTP registration link

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How Secure is COTP

Their encrypted transaction system uses a secured transaction mechanism,  combined with unique point to point transmission technology real time clearing engine, smart digital wallet, high network security system,  Cross exchange optimal price exchange engine and other block chain technologies. The AI (artificial intelligence) algorithm is automatically used to allocate the best order for you.

HOW to Register and your Account.

Register with the Official link of COTP.

✅After registration, log in with your user name and password.

✅In your COTP account ➡️ Click on MINE ➡️ CLICK on RECHARGE.

✅Copy the wallet address.

✅Send your USDT (TRC20) to that wallet address.

➡️ Trade every two Hours. If you are the type who will forget, Set your alarm to trade every two hours and start making money?

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How to start trading on COTP

  • To start COTP trading register with this link
  • Complete your KYC (it requires your phone number and any of the following ID card; Voters card, International passport, Drivers license and National ID card. Without KYC you cannot withdraw more than 500USDT a day.
  • Fund your wallet with USDT wallet (TRC20 network), minimum start up capital is $10 while maximum is $100,000

Your fund is very safe in your account. After 2 hours the trading amount and profit will be returned to your wallet and you will be able to withdraw or perform another order.

In a nutshell,  Crypto OTP purchases USDT for a low price on exchange A, transfer it to exchange B and sell at a higher price. This is very possible because USDT price fluctuates in bits. Also, with the amount of liquidity in USDT (over $50billion), it is very easy to earn over 3% increase every day for a period of time. 3% earning is the compounding of 0.3% per transaction done 12 times a day because trading is every 2 hours.

Someone said, if a transaction robot can carry out its transaction faster than its competitors, then profits can be created faster than the market.

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How to Recharge Crypto OTP account

  1. COTP login, Open your COPT, click on recharge
  2. Copy the OTC USDT address
  3. Paste it in any exchange you are withdrawing from and withdraw the amount of USDT (TRC20) you want to use in trading. Within 3minutes your OTC account will be credited.

How to trade every 2 hours on COTP

  • Click on the menu button and then the transaction hall
  • Click on immediate competition order and wait for the system to pick your order, wait until you see ‘SELL BUTTON’ you click on it.
  • Next, click on confirm
  • Keep repeating the process until your wallet balance is below 5USDT
  • In the next 2 hours all your funds and profit will return to your wallet. And you can withdraw anytime you want.
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Referral Contest

When you join the COTP platform you can also earn some profit when you refer your friends to join.

How to withdraw from COTP platform

You can withdraw from your COTP wallet to any of the exchange. For example, you can withdraw to binance, Huobi, Coinbase etc. Just copy your USDT address (TRC 20) and paste on your profile “Personal Information” so that any time you place a withdrawal, funds will be transferred to your address in less than 2 minutes.

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COTP registration link

Use my link below to register to get instant 11 dollars on your COTP wallet.

Crypto OTP legit or scam

Some people have labelled it to be a scam without enough evidence to verify their claims. Well! from what I know COTP trades USDT and you can find the same sellers in their platforms on other platforms. The main debate is the 3% profit it promises its members on a daily basis.

We all know that there must be price variations and the number of times you trade determines your profit. Indeed members are earning big daily, the more capital you put in the higher your profit.

A good number of persons are joining every day and can Crypto OTC be able to manage the increasing number is what I cannot tell. My advice is to invest what you can afford to loose.

Watch the video below to learn more about COTP trading platform.

For more information, inquiries or for training to become an expert, you can reach Divine Portal on 07062237559 for clarity.

Don’t forget to register with my link below to get 11 dollars bonus on your dashboard instantly

You can also reach me through the Whatsapp Icon you see below

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