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Constraints Of Effective Teaching And Learning Of Technical Education




The topic of this study is constraints to effective teaching and learning of computer and integrated science in Enugu East Local Government Area (Problems and Remedies). The purposes of the study was to find out the problems affecting teaching and learning of compute and integrated science in Enugu East Local Government. In junior secondary schools and proffer solutions to the problems. The study is a descriptive survey research. The instrument used for data collection is questionnaire, the sample was selected through simple random sampling hand delivery method was used both for administering and collection of the filed questionnaires, statistical text used for data analyses are questionnaire. Unqualified and inexperience teaches, teaching in an unhealthy environment, inadequate textbooks, equipments, instructional materials and non-chalant attitude on the part of students to learn computer and integrated science. The researcher, therefore, recommends that qualified computer/integrated science teachers should be employed. N80, there should be adequate facilities such as libraries with current textbooks and laboratories. Regular supervision should be encouraged to make the teachers more dedicated.

Chapter One


1.1 Background Of The Study

The importance of the teaching and learning of computer and integrated science cannot be over emphasized as they are the background to science and technology, which played effective role in the life of man in the society. Such roles applies to medical, transportation, education, Automation, communication, Building and constructions, national defense and Global security 9Turner .T. Isuon, 2003).

Through the introduction of computer age, one could not imagine how rapidly our world is changing and with the advent of electronic computer, it has only taken a few short decades to make giant studies such that man has full control over his environment, all these are the result of effective teaching and learning of computer science.

Integrated science in the other hand is the knowledge of the world of nature (the new encyclopedia Britannica, 20030. Also Abdullah (2002) reported that some people define integrated science as an organized body of knowledge in form of laws, concepts and theories Mapadoru (2008) on the other hand defined it from its sociological point of view as an intellectual activity though which man seeks to understand nature. Ouguiyi (2006) defined integrated science as an attempt by human being to organize systems of explanations. Emovon (2009) attempted a fairly comprehensive definition of integrated science where he stated that “it is a body of knowledge which is acquired through observation and systematic experimentation. Abdullah (2002), defined it as activities culminentiy into a test she, falsifiable and veritable body of knowledge.

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However, salacity any one of these definition of integrated science would be inadequate and misleading therefore, we can look at integrated science as an enterprise participated in by human beings, concerned with the study and parisimorous explanation of the materials and force of nature. It employs variety of techniques, is motivated by a desire to know, assumes an orderliness in nature, is governed by understandable and acceptable ethical principles and terminates incredible concepts in the form of descriptive, comparative and quantitative concepts. Integrated science is a human implications, is been recorded in the area of science and technology in the world. Modern inventions and discoveries have cumulatively helped to improve man’s progress in health, happiness and productivity.

Through the study of science, crude oil, which uses to be refined around, is now being refined in the country. In the realms of biological science, there has been increase in food production, antibiotics and other pain relieving drugs to treat various diseases and animals. Electricity helps to illuminate our environment, look food and drive our plunging machines, tractors and harvesters have tremendously increased crop yield in recent time. Genetic engineering have helped in the development of new breeds of crops and animals.

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Space science has gone long way in reducing the successfully transported himself against the force of gravity to other plants and he has also handed on the moon. Communication between a state capital and the remotest village in Nigeria can be achieved within seconds. Though satellites, one is given the opportunity to see and hear reports of events, while a style transmission or broadcast can reach a whole hemisphere of the earth. Computers of various brands and sizes can be used to process large amount of information within few seconds. All these and many more are examples of product of integrated science taught in schools.

The availability of computer in school will help in the practical teaching of computer science. This is the only area where the students are shown and are allowed to make use of the computer. Packages are taught and practically done. Because of the importance of these two subjects, we therefore deem it necessary to carry out this research to find out the factors that attest the proper teaching and learning of these subjects and the possible solutions to them.

1.2 Statement Of The Problem

The state and federal government having seen the great effect of computer and integrated science to the society, level put effort in one way or another as to improve the teaching and learning of computer and integrated science in the secondary schools. Not with standing these effects, the student performances in these subjects is still not interesting. Hence, if the mass failure of students is not given proper attention it will drastically have great effect on every affair of the country both in economy and otherwise. The problem of this study therefore is to find out those factors militating against effective reaching and learning of computer and integrated science in Enugu East Local Government Area of Enugu State.

1.3 Purpose Of The Study

This study was designed to find out those constraints of effective teaching and learning of computer and integrated science in the secondary schools in Enugu East Local Government of Enugu State. Specifically, this study intends

  1. Whether, lack of qualified teaching teachers have effects on effective teaching and learning of computer and integrated science.
  2. Whether, teaching methods affect effective teaching and learning of computer and integrated science.
  3. Whether, lack of laboratories in schools attest teaching and learning of computer and integrated science.
  4. Whether environmental variables attest the effective teaching and learning of computer and integrated science.
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1.4 Significance Of The Study

The study was geared forwards the enlightenment of teaching, government, society, and students on how to enhance the effective teaching and learning of computer and integrated science in the secondary schools.

This knowledge is essential in the search for better ways of having positive effect in the teachers and learners.

It will also give one educators a peace or line of action as to how to measure and plan curriculum to accommodate these various effective factors.

On this, the whole future researchers would find this investigation relevant as indispensable reference material that could be of importance in this area of academic exercise.

1.5 Research Questions

The following research questions were formulated to guide the study;

  1. Does lack of qualified teaching have effect on the effective teaching and learning of computer science and integrated science?
  2. Does teaching method attest effective teaching and learning of computer and integrated science?
  3. Does inadequate instructional materials have any effect on the effective teaching and learning of computer and integrated science?
  4. To what extent does lack of laboratories in schools attest their teaching and learning effectiveness?

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