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Church Proliferation And Its Effect On Youths




This study attempted to attain the impact of church proliferation on youths in the case of The Apostolic Church Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria. The objective of the study was, to explore the role of church proliferation for youth‟s positive development, To investigate the experiences and perceptions of religiously involved and spiritual youths in The Apostolic Church, to explore what mechanisms are provided to aid in the positive transformation of youths within the church? The study was conducted using 18 respondents (15youths and 3 church leaders). Qualitative data was collected using interview and observation methods participants were selected using the purposive sampling technique and. The finding of the study indicates that most participants who are religiously involved and spiritual are doing most rituals which are considered as church proliferation. Positive development in this study is seen from Lerner‟s framework of PYD which is the 5Cs/6Csmodel(character, confidence, competence, connection, caring, and contribution). The findings of the study also show youth-focused programs that are maintained in the church are related to the 5Cs/6Cs model in so many ways.  And according to the findings from the study church proliferation donate something good for positive youth development regarding the 5Cs/6Cs. Suggestions for further research and implications for religious youth development organizations are considered.

KEYWORDS; Church proliferation, spirituality, youth, and positive youth development



1.1Background of the study

A critical look at religious situation in Nigeria suggests that the recent socio-economic and political situation has been a symptomatic of the endemic plurality of Nigeria’s religious landscape. The country is now a breeding ground for diverse kinds of religious movements especially within the Christian faith. Proliferation of churches in Nigeria and its influence on the Nigerian youth has attracted attention of many scholars both within and outside Nigeria, especially since their massive proselytizing by certain groups has won adherents in Europe and America. Recognized as an off-shoot of missionary Churches and bearing some features of African traditional religion, proliferation of Churches is seen on the whole to constitute pastoral challenge on Christendom in Nigeria. The founders of these new generation churches always postulate diversified reasons for their emergence and expeditious growth, some say that their call is a divine call from God, while some claim divine visions and dreams, emphasized deeper biblical interpretation and so on. However, it is the opinion of the present researchers that the pivotal factors for the emergence of these newer churches, as well as the costs and benefits of the activities of these new movements to the entire Nigerian society have not been properly investigated and analyzed. Therefore some responsible theological investigations have become imperative, more so at this stage of crucial discussions and debate concerning the gains of religion in nation building. The result of such investigations and evaluations will help towards the establishment of truly stable and authentic Church of Christ in Nigeria. The thrust of this research, therefore, is to trace the historical foundations of Church proliferation in Nigeria.

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The issue of moral decadent in our society is a thing that is needed to be looked into. Many things have gone wrong, since no one sees the reason to be upright in action at all times, in all places and in all circumstances. The continuing degeneration of personal virtue among the world & rsquo;s societies seems to be emerging as the single-most urgent issue of our time. & nbsp; Until recent years, churches had since deferred from their original roles in morality, though many outside the church continued political pressure to move churches either towards or away from a value oriented. This posse’s questions and ideas about the appropriate approach to learning of morality in the society today (Oviawe, 2012).

Oviawe, (2012) opined that moral and morale are polite, decent and appropriate way of portraying ourselves in our duties, home and society. It is a socially acceptable manner of life. It can also be referred to as the principle of right and wrong or decorum. Our parents and ancestors practices moral and morale to the core and had h9igh regards of them. They also handed them to us with diligence. At that time they paid particular attention to the manner of sitting, walking, talking, greeting, eating, principle of right and wrong, discipline and commitment in everything they did and the way they did it. They were conscientious about their duties, keeping to the rules and regulations related to them. They saw this as maintaining their own dignity and respect for themselves and others. They made sure that everybody was well brought up.

Therefore, the study will also look into various dimensions of Church proliferation and investigate its effect on the Nigerian youth.

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 1.2 Statement of The Problem

Everyone wants to be successful, everyone wants to be healthy, happy and rich, but most people are not willing to pay the price. Occasionally, they may be willing to pay part of the price, but they are not willing to pay the whole price. They always have some excuses or rationalizations to not discipline themselves to do everything that they need to do to achieve their goal.

The problem in our society today is the high moral decadence in the society, as the churches, parents and tutors etc have failed in their role of moral education. Hence this study intends to investigate the proliferation of churches in Nigeria and increase in moral decadence in the society.

1.3Objectives of the study

The study has a general objective and specific objectives.

1.3.1 General objective

The general objective of the research is to explore the contribution of church proliferation for positive development among youths.

1.3.2Specific objectives

  1. To investigate factors that motivate youths to be religiously involved and spiritual.
  2. To investigate the social, behavioral, and psychological characteristics of youths in TAC according to the 5Cs/6Cs model.
  3. To explore what mechanisms are provided in the context of the 5Cs/6Cs to aid in the positive transformation of youths within the church?

1.4 Research questions

  1. What are the reasons for youths’ religious and spiritual involvement?
  2. Does church proliferation impact youths‟ social, behavioral, and psychological characteristics which are the 5Cs/6Cs?
  3. What are the mechanisms utilized by the church regarding the 5Cs/6Cs model?

1.5 Significance of The Study

The research is important because it teaches us the relationship between church and morality. It will serve as a documents that can be referred to in order to clear some doubt about the issue of moral decadence.

It will serve as documents that will enlighten the Church/Christian leaders on the need to embark on teaching of morality in churches.

Finally, the study will also enlighten the public on the causes of moral decadence and how to find lasting solutions to such a problem.


1.6 Scope of The Study

The study is designed to investigate church proliferation and its effect on youths. The study is restricted

 1.7 Limitation of the study

As every research has its limitation, some participants for the interview have been very busy to give enough time for the in-depth interview due to their various responsibilities. The fact that the research is limited in one local church by itself could be another limitation, it could have been appropriate if the study was conducted with the inclusion of other local churches or denominations. Since one of the data collection tools was an in-depth interview, the process of the research was a very time-intensive evaluation activity because of the time it takes to conduct interviews, transcribe them, and analyze the results.

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1.8 Operational definition of key terminologies

There are different basic concepts and terminologies in this research;

1.8.1 Spirituality

In this study, spirituality is bounded in a religious context and it is a personal relationship with ultimate power in the pursuit of meaning and peace in life.

 1.8.2 Church proliferation

In this study church proliferation is described as the ritual one would do as a conviction it could be prayer, attend regular services, being part of different ministries in the institution, religious readings, and talk about faith, personal relationship with the ultimate power and fellow believers within the institution or where ever it is convenient.


In the context of this study, youth are individuals with the age group of eighteen to thirty-five.

1.8.4 Positive Youth Development

Positive youth development is defined in this study using Lerner’s 5Cs/6Cs model. (character, confidence, competence, connection, and caring) which is a framework for PYD that outlines five psychological, behavioral, and social characteristics that indicate youth are flourishing, and when a high level of the Five Cs develops, it results in the sixth C(contribution). (Richard M, Lerner, and Jacqueline V., 2013).

1.9 Organization of study

There are five chapters of the study; the first chapter deals with the introduction, statement of the problem, research question, and objectives of the study, Significance of the study, Scope of the study, limitation, and thesis structure of the study. And the second chapter deals with reviews of literature related to the study, the third chapter reveals research methodology and data collection procedures, methodology, research design, data gathering tools, sample size, and sampling technique, and chapter four deals with data analysis and the result of the study, the final chapter holds conclusion and recommendation.

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