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How to post on imsuinfo.com

To post on imsuinfo.com, simply fill the form above with your
  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Article title/heading/caption
  • The article you intend to post on imsuinfo.com
  • Upload a feature image on the “choose file” section
  • Agree to content creator terms and condition and lastly
  • Click on post to submit for review

What kind of post is accepted on imsuinfo.com?

  1. IMSU news and Latest updates
  2. Scholarship (Local and international) 
  3. Sports, Fashion, Entertainment, Business, Health, Lifestyle, Technology, environment, Politics, (current “as e dey hot”
  4. You can also advertise your product here


  • All news must be current. “As e dey hot”
  • Whatever you post on imsuinfo.com has to be approved by the admin before it will become live on the internet. The admin will view and scrutinize your post before approval.
  • Title/Heading/Topic of your post must be more than 7 words while post or article must not be below 100 words

Reasons why your post is not getting approved

  1. Copied content
  2. Duplicate content
  3. Fake news
  4. Failure to upload an image
  5. No heading
  6. Auto spinned content
  7. Unreliable/irrelevant content
  8. Article less than 100 words

What to do if you don’t see your post live on imsuinfo.com after 3 minutes

After posting on imsuinfo.com and you wait for 3 minutes and your post doesnt show live, kindly reach the admin through the whatsapp icon at the left hand side of the bottom of your screen 

How to join our team of writers

The admin of imsuinfo.com is aware of everything you post. frequent posting of relevant article will qualify you to join our team of writers so as to get paid monthly.