What Imo State University Admitted Students Should Know and Avoid

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What Imo State University Admitted Students Should Know and Avoid

On this article we are going to reveal the “must know” and “must avoid” in Imo state University. This article is for all Imo Stars.

What all legitimate IMSU student must know while in school

  1. Payment of tuition and other approved fee is mandatory.
  2. Attendance to lectures is mandatory. Any student who fails to meet 75% attendance to lecturers in a course stands the risk of being disqualified from taking examination in that course.
  3. Any student whose CGPA falls bellow 1.5 is normally asked to repeat the class. If the GPA is less than 1.00, the students is advised to withdraw from the university.
  4. The maximum period a student can spend on the programme is normally reviewed and determined by the university’s Senate.

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What all legitimate IMSU student must avoid know while in school

  1. Belonging to an association that is not registered with the university
  2. Insulting or challenging a lecturer any department
  3. Cheating during university examination; this includes among others;
  • Bringing copied materials into the examination hall.
  • Copying from someone
  • Asking or answering questions in the hall without permission.
  • Exchange of written or writing materials in the hall
  • Discussion during examinations
  • Coming to examination hall without an identification card
  • Disobeying instruction from the invigilator.

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