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Internet Useage And Adolescents Behaviour: A Study Of Social Network On Adolescent Behaviour In Owerri Municipal




The use of internet sites have increased greatly among adolescents which of course are due to the fact that many of the adolescents want to interact, communicate gather  and share information between one another. The use of internet sites have also exposed the adolescents to varieties of online misbehavior which are pornographic pictures, cyber bullying, online harassment and others. Moreover, this work is concerned with the impact of internet sites on adolescents. The objectives of this research work are; to determine the impact of social network on adolescent sexual behavior, to determine whether social network influence adolescent academic performance and to find out whether social network affect adolescent involvement in home chores. The study was carried out in Owerri Municipal of Imo state. Two hundred and fifty respondents were selected from ten areas of the sample through purposively random sampling technique. Chi square was used to test the hypotheses. The result shows that more benefit are accrued to the use of social network sites like making friends, meeting partners, sharing information and others. Conclusively, this research shows that the use of social network sites have more positive impacts than negative impacts.



1.1 Background to the study

Internet has attracted millions of users since it invention, many of whom have integrated it into their daily practices. Internet helps strangers to connect based on share interest, political view or activities. It attracts people based on common language or share racial, sexual, religion or nationality based identity.

With internet comes social networking that allows individuals to meet strangers. While social network have implemented a wide variety of technical features their backbones consist of visible profiles that display and articulate list of friends who are also users of the system. Some of these social network sites include Facebook, twitter,(which are now very common in Europe and Africa (Nigeria) and bebo widely used worldwide, my space and unked, in being the most widely used in north America, nexopia (mostly in Canada) studi vs (mostly in Germany) tuenti (mostly in Spain) badoo and sky rock in part of Europe, yahoo, 2go, and of course some of these site allow users to enhance their profile by adding multimedia content or modifying their profile book and feel.(Dwyer etal 2007).

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Social network are web based and provide means for users to interact over the internet such as email and instant messaging, it allows users to share ideas, activities, event, and interest within their individual network (Boyd 2004) however whether specialized which is the internal social  network (ISN) or generis which is external social network (ESN)there is commodity across the general approach of social network site users can upload pictures of themselves, crate their profile and san often be friend with other users (Donath and Boyed 2004). In owerri municipal area of Imo state Nigeria the use of social network by adolescent seems to be abused, they appear to be addicted to it. Their daily activities suffer such as their home chores, they become expose to early sexual act, decrease in their academic performance etc.

This paper is design to know the impact of social network use on adolescent behavior, since they use the internet for social interaction than any other user group. The social network site visited by adolescent would be examined. With the count of time numerous innovation are discovered on the internet. For instance, communication technologies that were popular among adolescent in the 1990’s such as Multi Users Dungeons (MUDS) the public chat rooms, were typically used for communication between strangers. Then several writers have asserted that social network sites would reduced adolescent social capital and well being also the threat social network site pass on adolescent behavior this include exposure to social material, online harassment, drugs and other several consequences.

 1.2 Statement of problem

It has been estimated that Nigeria’s population is about 150million. One third (50 million) of this population constitute adolescent between the age of 10 and 24 (NPC 2006). It appears that many adolescent spend much time on the social network sites than any other activities such as their academics, house chores and others due to the element of addiction to these sites. The most appealing thing among these sites is that they provide a platform for adolescent to express their views as regards issues affecting them and the society at large. Due to this addiction to social network, it has seems to be a problem to their parent and also the society at large. In the sense that most adolescent ignores their home chores, not performing well academically, constituting hazard to themselves and other road users (due to pinging while walking or driving), most time having mental fatigue it has also influenced their perception towards sexual behavior, exposing them to other vices such as online or internet fraud, exposure to pornographic material and drug abuse.

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The perceived impact of these social network sites on adolescent has necessitated this study with a view of actually determining the impact of these social network sites on adolescent behavior.


1.3 Objective of study

The aim of this study is to examine the impact of social network sites on adolescent using Owerri Municipal of Imo state as a case study. The study thus attempts to accomplish the following task

  1. To determine the impact of social network on adolescent sexual behavior.
  2. To determine whether social network influence adolescent academic performance
  3. To find out whether social network affect adolescent involvement in home chores                                                                                                

1.4 Research hypotheses

In an attempt to find out the impact of social network on adolescent behavior, the researcher put forth the following hypotheses which were tested in the study.

  1. Social network do not significantly influence adolescent sexual behavior
  2. Social network do not significantly influence adolescent academic performance
  3. Social network do not significantly have any impact on adolescent neglect of home chores.
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1.5 Significance of study

The importance of this study in the light of the stated objectives lies mainly in its ability to highlight the influence of social network on adolescent behaviour. This is because most studies on social network are focused on its importance in our society and none or few works have brought out the impact of social network on adolescent behavior.

This study will be of interest to other researchers as well as non-researchers in the society, as it will serve as a veritable source of secondary information or a spring board for further research in social network and adolescent behavior or related issues that confront contemporary Nigeria and Imo state particularly, Owerri. Then to non-researchers, the study will avail them the opportunity to understand social network impact on adolescent behavior.

To policy makers, this study will make them see the need to check the abuse of social network.

1.6 Operationalization of concepts

Social network: this is defined as web base services that allow individual to construct a public or semi public profile within a bounded system, articulate a list of others users with whom they share connection, view and transverse Their list of connections and those made by others within the system.

Adolescent behavior: this is an act that is acceptable or not acceptable. In the moral ethics of the society which is possessed by persons with the period of childhood and adulthood.

Sexual behavior: this is an observable action that is directed towards sexual intercourse. Every society label sexual behavior in accordance with prevailing norms and values.

Home chores: this is used to mean the domestic duties carried out by adolescent at home

Academic performance: this is the ability to carry out school work diligently by an adolescent.

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