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Impact Of Motivation On The Performance Of Primary School Teachers’ In Oshimili South Local Government Area Of Delta State




The study was to examine the impact of motivation on the performance of primary school teachers’ in Oshimili South Local Government Area of Delta State. To achieve the essence, the study was divided into five chapters. Three research questions were raise and answered in the study, related literature were reviewed in the study. The study used a descriptive survey. The population for this study consisted of all public primary school teachers in Asaba, Oshimili South Local Government Area of Delta State. Sample of the study was one hundred and twenty five (125) primary school teachers which was selected from the nine (9) primary schools in Oshimili South Local Government Area of Delta State. The instrument for data collection was questionnaire which was validated by experts in measurement and evaluation. The method of data collection was mean statistics to answer the research questions. The findings revealed that irregular payment of teacher’s salary, poor working condition and poor career advancement influences the performance of primary school teachers. Based on the findings, it was recommended among others that; government should ensure that teacher’s salaries are regularly paid, government should provide incentive to improve the teachers’ moral so that they can face their duty with zeal and interest, school authorities and government should motivate primary school teachers by providing fringe benefit and incentives in other to make them increase their teaching performance by encouraging them to further their study through professional development, in-service teacher training and others so as to increase their interest in teaching and learning process and government should also encourage and facilitate adequate training of teachers for efficient teaching performance of primary school teachers’. 



Background to the Study

Motivation and performance are very important factors in terms of organization success and achievements (Latt, 2018). Motivation plays an important role in the school because it increases the productivity of teachers and the goals can be achieved in an efficient way. The behavior of teachers can be changed through motivation in any school from situation to situation, the level of motivation differs with an individual (Robbins 2015). Motivation also takes part in an important role for teachers because it helps to achieve the target in an efficient way. Teachers’ motivation is very important because it improves the skills and knowledge of teachers because it directly influences the pupil’s achievement (Mustafa, and Othman, 2010). If in schools, the teachers do not have sufficient motivation then they are less competent which directly influence the pupils and the education system. The teaching profession previously was accorded with respect, honor and dignity. This enviable profession was a sort of motivation to many teachers. Also not only afford life career and permanent membership but also renders services to the public. It has code of ethics; the code of ethics for teachers is contained in the handbooks of the Nigeria union of teachers (Okocha 2017). They were revealed and given pride of place in the study. But recently, the government and all its organs neglect teachers and the educational sector, while motivation can be brought about by adequate remuneration, fringe benefits and recognition. They can also be made to occupy high social status in the society. Adelabu (2015) found in Nigeria that teacher’s motivation is very poor and teachers are also dissatisfied with their working environment and salary conditions. The reason behind the poor motivation of teachers is that they have low salaries as compared to other professionals, poor work environment, no decision making authority, and also not giving them opportunity to develop their career. Motivation guide people‘s actions and behaviours toward achievement of some goals (Analoui, 2010).

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Primary education is the foundation on which further education is built. Primary education has two main purposes. The first purpose is to produce a literate and numerate population that can jointly deal with problems both at home and at work. It also serves as a foundation on which further education is built (Akanle, 2017). Akanle further stated that primary schools are established to educate pupils to enable them contribute to the economic, political and social cultural well being of their country.  In Oshimli South Local Government Area of Delta State, there appears to be an hindrance in the realization of objectives of primary school.  An important factor responsible for the non-attainment of the overall purpose of primary school is due to inadequate motivation of staff. Primary schools teachers are different in sex and status.  However sufficient efforts are not made by the Government, proprietors and some parents to motivate the primary schools teachers in Oshimili South Local Government Area of Delta State to teach the pupils (Dubini 2012).

Bulya (2017) assents that:- The Government is not left out in making the teachers feel inferior. Thus, there is need to motivate teachers to enable them teach their pupils very well.  The teachers should be paid their salaries on time, the parents should not snub teachers and the government should give car loans to the teachers, entertainment allowance and meal subsidies.

Teachers’ motivation has become an important issue given their responsibilities to impact knowledge and skills. It is argued that satisfied teachers are generally more productive and can influence pupils’ achievement (Martter, 2012).

According to (Etuk, 2012), motivation is the act of giving someone a reason for doing something. Motivation is one of the essential element of management, that could make the achievement of the overall objective of an organization possible. Motivation guides peoples action.

Motivation is the means of activating the behavior of an individual towards the accomplishment of certain goals (Akinson 2018). Thus, to motivate an individual or group of individual, it is to compel them with an action to achieve a robust need. Motivation guides people action and towards achievement of some goals (Analoui 2010).

Education system like other institution has set goals, aims and objectives, targets, etc which are set out to be achieved and if this must be achieved, the teachers must be ready to play their role efficiently and effectively. Hence a teacher occupies an important position in the educational system of any primary school. This is because they act as the bridge between the learners and curriculum of the society. Obilom (2015) stated that the teachers constitute the most vital position in the education system Igbiouou (2010) states that the teachers is the hope of two education because the school cannot be better than its teachers and teachers are to see that the child develops the right habit, ideas and ethnical standards.

Education is a vital tool of change and it unlocks the door to civilization. The teacher holds the keys to the door of education and also, he/she is the facilitator that translate educational policies into practice and programme into action and her adequacies in terms of what she knows and how she can make a difference in the life of a learner and her mistakes, failure and inability to impact knowledge will have negative effect on the learner. The teacher therefore, is a vital component of educational system because he/she is the main determinant of the quality of the system. Therefore, motivation on the primary school teachers’ performance in primary schools is very important to the long term growth of any educational system of the world. This is because it has effects on the academic performance of pupils and overall standard of education.

Adebayo (2011) pointed out that though there are many factors that job is excellently rooted upon, and these factors includes; educational policy, leadership style, payment and fringe benefit, material rewards, achievement among others. Adebayo (2011) further stated that the influence of motivational factors on the teachers performance could be positive or otherwise. Motivation can be inform of regular payment of salaries, fringe benefits such as allowance, bonus on the job training, promotion of the teachers, provision of good work environment, maintaining of high degree of relationship and improving the teachers general well being. Hence any teacher that enjoys the above named items is bound to give in her best in discharging of her duties. Thus there is need to motivate teachers in order to enable them teach the pupils very well. The teachers should be paid their salaries on time, the parents of the pupils should not snub teachers and the government should give loans to the teachers

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Furthermore, Bulya (2017) observes that the delay in the payment of teachers’ salaries is responsible for the poor image of the teacher. He further added that in 2013, school teacher salaries was delayed in Gongola states for monitors, in the same year teachers in Bauchi local government are appealed to the state government to do everything possible to ensure that the school teachers are paid arrears of their two months salaries. The nonpayment of primary schools teachers’ salaries on time makes it difficult for them to meet their family financial obligation at home. Hence teachers need to be motivated by the government to enable them perform well in the primary schools. Teachers are very important in our primary school because their teach the pupils, there need to motivate the teachers to enable them perform well in teaching pupil in primary schools. Musa (2010) stated that the delay in the payment of salaries of teachers and other fringe benefit are sufficient for this nonchalant of teacher’s attitude to welfare. He further added that the nonpayment of teachers salaries has reacting consequences on our educational system and its products. Outstanding among these consequences also the falling standard of education. When the teachers do not teach the pupils well, and do not go to classes which will result will make some pupil not to perform well. When teachers go to strike the effect is not felt immediately so the government do not care and the pupil rejoice that they are free. When the teachers resume from their strike, they will rush the pupils or jump some topics in the scheme of work in other to meet up by the end of the term which will make the pupils not to know some of the topics the teachers jumped.

Furthermore, teachers’ motivation is very vital and non motivation of teachers is affecting the performance of the pupils which may lead to falling standard of the educational system which the government set up. It is therefore on this ground that this research work stands to investigate on impact of motivation on the performance of primary school teachers’ in Oshimili South Local Government Area of Delta State.

Statement of the Problem

There are many factors associated to the falling system of education as regards to this topic; impact of motivation on the performance of primary school teachers’ in Oshimili South Local Government Area of Delta State. The falling standard of education which also leads to the failing of pupils have been a major concern to parents, teachers, government and the society at large, and those problems that attributed to this includes; salary, package, leadership style, fringe benefit, career advancement, teachers motivation, promotion, working condition, environmental and societal acceptance. For an effective and functional primary educational to be achieved therefore, the need to take cognizance of the performance of the imputes (teachers in this context) is very essential.  However, in view of the unhealthy government, private proprietors and school administrators attitude towards making much impact to motivate primary school teachers to perform well in primary schools, it could be rightly asserted that delay in payment of teachers salaries, poor condition of work, lack of job security, nonpayment of entertainment allowance and meal subsidy, grant of car loans among others are responsible for the lack of motivation of primary teachers. Thus, teachers in primary school are currently facing many challenges in education and in the society which may also affect the impacts of motivation (Adenike 2011). This raises concern regarding the attitude of educators towards their work and their levels of job motivation. Adenike (2011) posited that almost half of new teachers leave’s the field during the first five years of their employment. This should be great concern to all employers because motivated and unhappy employees may mean poor performance and high staff turnover. Fajan (2012) identified lack of recognition for work well done through merit or announcement in meetings, lack of material resources which makes employees not to carry out their duties and lack of staff development activities which prevents personnel from being equipped with knowledge and skills that they need in order to provide quality services as factors that can bring about dissatisfactive in work place. Hence the poor treatment given to primary school teachers in primary schools has caused immense concern to parents, ministries of education and the society as a whole.  The researcher therefore wishes to examine the impact of motivation on the performance of primary school teachers’ in Oshimili South Local Government Area of Delta State.

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The Purpose of the Study

The broad purpose of this study is to examine the impact of motivation on the performance of primary school teachers’ in Oshimili South Local Government Area of Delta State.

The specific objective are:

  1. To find out if irregular payment of teachers salaries affects teachers performances
  2. To verify extent of the working conditions of teachers influence on their teaching performance.
  3. To identify the influence of career advancement on the performance of primary school teachers

Research Question

The study will be guided by the following questions:

  1. To what extent does irregular payment of teachers’ salary affect teachers’ performance?
  2. To what extent does working conditions of teachers influence the teachers’ performance?
  3. To what extent does career advancement influence performance of primary school teachers?

Significance of the Study

The result of the study should be of great benefit to the teachers educational administration, the parents, the government, the society and educational researchers.

The result of the study should be to great extent, enable educational administrations understand the importance of teachers motivation in uplifting the standard of education in relation to the National objectives.

The study should also sensitize the government and stake-holders in education on the need for teachers, consideration while making education policies knowing fully well that the success of any educational policy is the direct function of teachers’ motivational factors. The finding of the study or research as the case may be, should serve as a source of literature for future educational researchers in related field study.

The Scope of the Study

This research study was limited to Oshimili South Local Government Area of Delta State, nine public primary schools are used for this study in Oshimili South Local Government Area of Delta State.

Based on the study it was restricted to determine the impact of motivation on primary school teachers, extent to which irregular payment of teachers salary affect teachers performance, extent to which working condition of teachers influence on the teaching performance and extent to which career advancement influence the performance of primary school teachers.

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